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Head of Zeus
Into the Fire
Into the Fire by Rachael Blok

Eleven guests. Three nights. One murderer... This is the haunting and atmospheric new thriller from rising star of crime fiction, Rachael Blok.

In a gorgeous mansion in the Hertfordshire countryside, sisters Lois and Ebba prepare to launch their new venture. Archipelago is an exploitation-free tech company whose virtual reality game promises to unite the worlds of technology, politics and the environment.

Invited to the launch party are their investors: current and ex-politicians, international business moguls and activists, one of whom – Marieke – has been receiving online abuse and death threats for her views on eco-politics.

DCI Maarten Jansen has been summoned to join the house party. He is sure the threats are from online trolls with nothing better to do – he's only offering police protection because his boss wants to put the VIP guests at ease. But when eight of the guests are involved in a suspicious helicopter crash, Maarten starts to uncover long-buried secrets – and a murderer in their midst...

Praise for Rachael Blok:

'A blistering mystery; the dark secrets lurking in the short summer shadows kept me turning the pages long into the night' Erin Kelly

'You will suspect everyone in this unbearably tense tale of betrayal and revenge' A.S. Hatch

'Gripping and original' Clare Empson

'Assured and compelling ... The author is as deft about human relationships as she is about creating an increasingly foreboding atmosphere' Elly Griffiths

'Poetic, ecovative and deliciously claustrophobic, Into the Fire practically sizzles with suspense' Jane Isaac

'Into the Fire is an intelligent, modern and richly textured rendering of the classic country house mystery' Dominic Nolan

'A class, beautifully written mystery that held me in a tight grip throughout' Caroline Green

'Glamorous, gripping, and full of intrigue' Eleanor Ray

Head of Zeus * Thrillers
01 Apr 2021 * 384pp * £18.99 * 9781838931704
'Her books are really a blend of police procedural and psychological thriller – and they are also complemented by extremely fine writing – lyrical, haunting, poetic ... In her third book, her skill is evidenced further'
Shots Mag
'A classy, beautifully written mystery that held me in a tight grip throughout'
Caroline Green
'An intelligent, modern and timely rendering of the classic country house mystery [...] with richly textured characters and a thrilling and emotional climax'
Dominic Nolan, author of After Dark
'Glamorous, gripping, and full of intrigue'
Eleanor Ray, aka Elizabeth Mundy
'I tore through Into the Fire ... It starts with a helicopter full of rich and famous people plummeting to the ground and the plot thickens from there'
Erin Kelly
'Poetic, evocative and deliciously claustrophobic, Into the Fire practically sizzles with suspense'
Jane Isaac
'A gobble-it-up-in-one-go thriller that combines lyricism, suspense and perfect storytelling'
Victoria Selman
'A highly engaging and entertaining crime mystery set during a country house party for the luxury launch of a new tech company'
Rachael Blok
Rachael Blok
Rachael Blok grew up in Durham and studied Literature at Warwick University. She taught English at a London Comprehensive and is now a full-time writer living in Hertfordshire with her husband and children. Her thrillers Under the Ice, The Scorched Earth and Into the Fire have been widely acclaimed. Visit
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