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Head of Zeus
Britain Is Better Than This by Gavin Esler

An urgent and timely exploration of a British political system in peril and what we must do to save it.

World-leading. World-beating. Global Britain.

For centuries, British identity has been shaped by ideas of exceptionalism and grandeur. Yet its democracy is failing. Minority governments elected under a deeply unrepresentative first-past-the-post system have delivered wounding blows to the country's economy and international standing. Britain Is Better Than This explores the constitutional and structural failures at the heart of this political system. It sheds light on a culture of lies, mistrust and corruption. It reveals fundamental flaws in core institutions, including the House of Lords and the House of Commons. It draws on events such as the MP expenses scandal, Brexit and 'Partygate', and the farcical premiership of Liz Truss, symptoms of a government in crisis. But it also looks ahead, offering practical solutions and a positive outlook, and asks the question: what can we do to build a better future?

Written by acclaimed journalist Gavin Esler, this is an urgent and timely investigation into a British political system in peril and what we must do to save it.

Head of Zeus, an Apollo book * Current Affairs
21 Sep 2023 * 352pp * £18.99 * 9781804547724

'A wonderful book which will be quoted in years to come' New European.

'An eloquent, forensic examination of resurgent English nationalism as the force that has driven Brexit and may now break up the United Kingdom' Jonathan Coe.

'A fascinating book that draws on poetry, literature and on-the-ground reporting' The Times.

'Packed with broad cultural and literary insight to go with hard-nosed political evaluation' GQ.

'A cool-headed contribution to this often emotional debate'
 Sunday Business Post
Gavin Esler
Gavin Esler
Gavin Esler is a journalist, television presenter and author. He was a main presenter of the BBC current affairs show Newsnight for 12 years until 2014. Since 2014 he has been a public speaker, a political commentator and journalist, and the Chancellor of the University of Kent.
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