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Head of Zeus
The Cage
The Cage by Ethan Cross

They thought they could contain him... They were wrong.

Francis Ackerman Jr. is one of the most prolific serial killers in US history. But he's not only a serial killer, he's also a serial escapist. When a doctor who has discovered a ground-breaking treatment for psychopaths wants to test his theories upon Ackerman, the madman sees his chance at freedom. The only people that stand in his way are the hospital's Head of Security and a young woman with a personal vendetta against the killer.

Praise for Ethan Cross:

'Francis Ackerman [is] a manipulative monster with a corrupt conscience' The Times
'A fast paced, all too real thriller with a villain right out of James Patterson and Criminal Minds' Andrew Gross
'A great mix of gruesome murders, a psychotic killer, revenge and great writing' Crimesquad
'A rather unusual talent has suddenly appeared, fully formed... However many chapters you may plan to read, you will be persuaded to read just one more' Barry Forshaw, We Love This Book

Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book * Thrillers
09 Jun 2022 * 160pp * £3.99 * 9781804540749

'A villain right out of James Patterson and Criminal Minds' Andrew Gross.

'A great mix of gruesome murders, a psychotic killer, revenge and great writing... I would recommend this book and make Cross an author to watch in future' CrimeSquad.

'The surprises are fast and furious and will leave you breathless to read more' Lisa Gardner.

'Ethan Cross manages to pull a new variant out of the black hat in Francis Ackerman... A manipulative monster with a corrupt conscience'
 The Times
Ethan Cross
Ethan Cross
Ethan Cross's Ackerman thrillers are international bestsellers. Before becoming a full-time writer, he was a computer programmer, a Chief Technology Officer, and a Marketing Director for a New York publisher. He lives in Illinois with his wife, three kids, and two Shih Tzus Follow Ethan on @EthanCrossBooks
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