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Head of Zeus
Marine I SBS: Escape from Azerbaijan
Marine I SBS: Escape from Azerbaijan by David Monnery
 The Marine Files

For over eighty years the SBS have sailed into the face of danger. Responsible for quick strikes, reconnaissance, and counter-terrorism, they are the world's foremost marine special forces unit. The SBS risk their lives at sea and on land, undertaking the most dangerous missions.

1995, the Caspian Sea. Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq is rumoured to have new nuclear technology. The source of the rumours, an Iraqi scientist, disappears – but when a British scientist also goes missing from a project on the Caspian Sea in the former Soviet state of Azerbaijan, the SBS must investigate, whatever the cost – or risk the prospect of nuclear war...

Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book * Action & Adventure
07 Jul 2022 * 284pp * £1.99 * 9781803287140
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David Monnery

David Monnery
David Monnery is the author of several military novels including the SAS Operation series. He also writes mystery novels and nonfiction as David Downing.
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