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Head of Zeus
The Hacker
The Hacker: A gripping, addictive techno thriller with a shocking twist by Daniel Scanlan
 The Ericka Blackwood Files, 1

The gripping debut techno thriller from cybercrime specialist Daniel Scanlan. FBI Special Agent Ericka Blackwood chases a deadly online predator in a high-stakes hunt for the truth. Perfect for fans of Thomas Harris and Stieg Larsson.

He's online. He's anonymous. He's deadly.

When a video surfaces on the Dark Web showing a murder no one else could have witnessed, FBI Special Agent Ericka Blackwood starts tracking down the killer. But the case is even darker than Ericka thought. Hidden behind an avatar named Dantalion, a criminal mastermind is feeding his sadistic appetites by directing the crimes of others – and he may have been orchestrating his twisted schemes for years.

As Ericka homes in on her target, the tables are suddenly turned. Dantalion has information that will help Ericka fulfil a deeply personal quest for revenge... but only if she risks her career, her life, and the fate of Dantalion's future victims. Does vengeance come at too high a price?

Reviewers on The Hacker:

'Frighteningly plausible and deftly written, Daniel Scanlan’s debut is a thrilling roller coaster of twists and turns.' Boyd Morrison
'A thoroughly disturbing lightning-paced thriller. Dark, twisted and horribly captivating.' Ian Green
'Tense, gripping, brutal, scary – The Hacker has everything you'd want from a thriller.' P.R. Black
'Dark, brutal, scary – yet absolutely riveting.' Samantha Brick
'The author creates an atmosphere of high-tech terror... A modern, thrilling novel.' Promoting Crime Fiction

Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book * Thrillers
01 Sep 2022 * 384pp * £4.99 * 9781801107822
'Frighteningly plausible and deftly written, The Hacker takes you on a harrowing journey into the dark reaches of modern technology. Daniel Scanlan's debut is a thrilling roller coaster of twists and turns that will have you racing through its pages. Riveting to the very end!'
Boyd Morrison
'The Hacker is a thoroughly disturbing lightning paced thriller, packed with action and intrigue. Dark and twisted and horribly captivating. Scanlan delivers a frighteningly believable world where the line between digital and physical blurs most in the shadows'
Ian Green
'Tense, gripping, brutal, scary – The Hacker has everything you'd want from a thriller. A tough and all-too-believable heroine who has demons to contend with matches wits and skills with an evil spider at the centre of his wicked web... Who will win this sadistic game? Perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson'
P.R. Black
'Frighteningly plausible... The Hacker is a modern, thrilling novel that moves along at high speed and hurtles towards its dénouement'
Promoting Crime Fiction
'Dark, brutal, scary – yet absolutely riveting'
Samantha Brick
Daniel Scanlan
Daniel Scanlan
Daniel Scanlan is a lawyer who has practised extensively in the areas of cybercrime, digital evidence, wiretap, smuggling and money laundering. He wrote the non-fiction Digital Evidence in Criminal Law and contributed to The Lawyer's Guide to the Forensic Sciences, winner of the Walter Owen Book Prize. He lives on Vancouver Island and enjoys ocean kayaking and hiking. When not outdoors, he is reading and will read almost anything, except books about lawyers. The Hacker is his first novel. Follow Daniel on @DanielMScanlan
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