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Head of Zeus
Basil's War
Basil's War by Stephen Hunter

A daredevil British agent goes behind enemy lines in this WWII-era spy thriller from Pulitzer Prize-winning critic and bestselling novelist Stephen Hunter.

Basil St. Florian is an accomplished agent in the British Army, completing dangerous missions across the globe. But going undercover in Nazi-occupied France during World War II might be his toughest assignment yet. He must search for a religious manuscript that doesn't officially exist, one that genius professor Alan Turing believes may crack a code that could prevent the deaths of millions and possibly even end the war.

St. Florian isn't the classic British special agent with a stiff upper lip – he is a swashbuckling, whisky-drinking cynic and thrill-seeker who resents having to leave Vivien Leigh's bed to set out on his crucial mission. Despite these proclivities, Basil's superiors know he's the best man for the job, with enough charm and quick wit to make his foes lower their guards. Action-packed and bursting with intrigue (much of which has basis in fact), Basil's War is a classic espionage thriller.

Reviews for Stephen Hunter:

'An outstanding WWII spy thriller' Nelson DeMille
'One of the best thriller novelists around' Washington Post
'The front rank of the thriller novelists' People

Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book * Thrillers
03 Feb 2022 * 288pp * £7.99 * 9781801104753
'An outstanding WWII spy thriller. Basil St. Florian was the James Bond of his time'
Nelson DeMille
'One of the best thriller novelists around'
Washington Post
'Stephen Hunter is worth every extravagant rave'
NY Daily News
'The front rank of the thriller novelists'
'Thoroughly diverting... Splendid, gloriously entertaining romp'
Shots Mag
'A well-written, fast-moving, most enjoyable book that manages to describe the horrors of Nazi occupation without resorting to unpalatable, gory detail'
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Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter
Stephen Hunter is the author of twenty novels and the retired chief film critic for the Washington Post, where he won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Criticism. His novels include The Third Bullet, Sniper's Honor, I, Sniper, I, Ripper, and Point of Impact, which was adapted for film and TV as Shooter. Hunter lives in Baltimore, Maryland.
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