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Head of Zeus
Argo: An action-packed retelling of the Greek myth, Jason and the Golden Fleece, from Cambridge classicist Mark Knowles by Mark Knowles

An action-filled reimagining of the famous Greek myth, Jason and the Golden Fleece, brilliantly told by Cambridge classicist, Mark Knowles.

He has come to take what is yours...

Kingdom of Iolkos, Thessaly. 1230 BC. King Pelias has grown paranoid. Twenty years after deposing his half-brother Aeson, his murderous past comes back to torment him with dreams, headaches and a prophecy: a one-sandaled man who would someday destroy him.

When a stranger descends from the mountains to compete in the games, Pelias is horrified by his resemblance to Aeson. The baby whose death he ordered has become a man. And Jason wants his revenge. But Pelias is as cunning as he is powerful. He gives Jason an impossible challenge: to claim the throne he must first steal the Golden Fleece from the distant kingdom of Colchis.

Jason assembles a band of Greece's finest warriors to crew Argo. But even with these mighty athletes by his side, he will have to overcome the brutal challenges hurled his way and quickly distinguish friend from foe. His mission, and many lives, depend on his wits and skills with a blade...

'Knowles has combined historical realities with sure-footed imagination ... Brilliant' Cambridge University (on The Consul's Daughter)

Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book * Action & Adventure
11 Nov 2021 * 640pp * £3.99 * 9781801102711
'Knowles has combined historical realities with sure-footed imagination ... Brilliant'
Cambridge University
Mark Knowles
Mark Knowles
Mark Knowles read degrees in Classics and Management Studies at Downing College, Cambridge. After a decade working as a frontline officer and supervisor within the Metropolitan Police Service, he became Head of Classics at a school in Harrogate. He is a particular fan of experimental archaeology and rowed on the reconstructed Ancient Athenian trireme 'Olympias' during its last sea trials in Greece in 1994. @mark77knowles
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