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Head of Zeus
SBS: Special Boat Squadron
SBS: Special Boat Squadron by Iain Gale

A historical adventure chronicling the exploits of the Special Boat Squadron, the seaborne raiders who, by strength and guile, carried out World War Two's most daring covert operations.

From this moment on, you and your men, you don't exist.

Formed in the darkest hours of the Second World War, as nation after nation fell before the unstoppable Axis advance, the task of the SBS was to strike back at an enemy no army could meet in the field. Trained in sabotage and surveillance, the Special Boat Squadron raided deep behind enemy lines, sowing chaos and capturing much-needed intelligence. Soldiers, adventurers and rogues, their methods were unorthodox, their success rate unprecedented.

Operation Anglo, 31 August 1942.

Beneath the waves of the Mediterranean, HMS Traveller closes in on the coast of Rhodes. Aboard, eight SBS commandos check their weapons as they prepare to infiltrate and sabotage two Axis bomber fields. Only two of the eight commandos will make it back to alive. Ex-Black Watch Sgt Jim Hunter will be one of the lucky ones, but what he will face next will make Operation Anglo look like a cakewalk.

Reviewers on Iain Gale:

'A fast fit fighting yarn that transports you to the deadly hillsides of wartime Crete.' Quentin Letts on SBS
'A powerful novel of men at war. A triumph.' Bernard Cornwell on Four Days in June

'Very exciting.' Daily Telegraph on the Jack Steele series

Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book * Action & Adventure
13 Apr 2023 * 352pp * £9.99 * 9781801101332
'A fast fit fighting yarn that transports you to the deadly hillsides of wartime Crete'
Quentin Letts

'A powerful novel of men at war. A triumph' Bernard Cornwell (on Four Days in June).

'Knife-edge realism mingles with strategy, glory and tragedy in Gale's artistic narrative' Oxford Times (on Four Days in June).

'Gale handles the military material superbly... Very exciting' Daily Telegraph (on the Jack Steele series).

'His brutal, bloody detail catches the chaos of battle... His prose is a sand-blown lens from the front-line' Daily Mail (on Alamein).

'He reveals the chaos, triumph and sadness of the desert war expertly showing every protagonists' point of view'
 Patrick Mercer (on Alamein)
Iain Gale
Iain Gale
Iain Gale, art critic, journalist and author, comes from a military family and has always been fascinated by military history. He is an active member of the Scottish Committee of the Society of Authors and the Friends of Waterloo Committee. He is the Editor of Scotland in Trust, the magazine for the National Trust of Scotland, and founded the Caledonian magazine. He lives in Edinburgh. Follow Iain on @Quatrebras1815
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