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Head of Zeus
Water Always Wins: Collaborating with Nature for a More Resilient Future by Erica Gies

Water Always Wins will take readers through time and around the world to understand the water we take for granted, and to learn to work in harmony with it.

Told as a detective story, Water Always Wins follows water experts as they search for clues to water's past, using close observation, historical research, ancient animal and human wisdom, and cutting-edge science. Their epiphanies will fundamentally change the way we look at water, helping us to understand how water really works and why our efforts to control it are failing.

The devastation we are wreaking on the environment that sustains us in our efforts to control water is forcing us to reckon anew with something we have forgotten during the Industrial and Information ages: We are part of nature. We impact nature and nature impacts us. The water detectives' discoveries point in one direction: to survive the devastating floods and droughts brought by climate change, we need to relearn how to live with water, to approach it with humility, rather than arrogance, to work with it rather than try to subdue it.

Head of Zeus, an Apollo book * Science
05 May 2022 * 352pp * £20 * 9781800247369
Erica Gies
Erica Gies
Erica Gies is an award-winning journalist and National Geographic Explorer based in Victoria, British Columbia and San Francisco. She writes about water, climate change, plants and critters for the New York Times, Atlantic, Guardian, Economist, Scientific American, New Scientist, Wired, and other publications.