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Head of Zeus
Osama Lavie Tidhar

A private detective is hired by a mysterious woman to find a man...

The quarry? An obscure author of pulp fiction novels featuring one Osama Bin Laden: Vigilante... Our detective pursues his quarry from the backwaters of Asia to the Capitals of Europe, the New World, and into a realm of shadows. Here he finds the refugees, ghostly entities haunting reality. Where do they come from? And what do they want?

Head of Zeus -- an AdAstra Book * Fantasy
02 Sep 2021 * 352pp * £7.99 * 9781800245105
'Bears comparison with the best of Philip K. Dick's paranoid alternate-history fantasies. It's beautifully written and undeniably powerful'
Financial Times
'Osama is an ingenious inversion of modern history: Osama bin Laden is the central character in a string of pulp novels allegedly written by one Mike Longschott. The terrorist crimes exist, in this novel, in a different realm ... Excellent, evocative and atmospheric'
Christopher Priest, award-winning novelist and author of The Prestige
'An awesome book, dark, twisty alt-universe terrorist noir'
Lauren Beukes, bestselling author of Zoo City
Lavie Tidhar
Lavie Tidhar
Lavie Tidhar is the World Fantasy Award-winning author of Osama (2011), The Violent Century (2013), the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize-winning A Man Lies Dreaming (2014), and the Campbell Award-winning Central Station (2016), in addition to many other works and several other awards. He works across genres, combining detective and thriller modes with poetry, science fiction and historical and autobiographical material. His work has been compared to that of Philip K. Dick by the Guardian and the Financial Times, and to Kurt Vonnegut's by Locus.
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