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Head of Zeus
Cleopatra's Daughter
Cleopatra's Daughter: Egyptian Princess, Roman Prisoner, African Queen by Jane Draycott

The first modern biography of one of the most fascinating, and unjustly neglected, female rulers of the ancient world: Cleopatra Selene. Princess, prisoner, African queen – and surviving daughter of Cleopatra VII.

In 1895, archaeologists excavating a villa at Boscoreale, outside Pompeii, uncovered a spectacular hoard of high-quality Roman silverware. In the centre of one especially fine gilded dish was a bust of a female figure with thick curly hair, deep-set eyes, a slightly hooked nose and a strong jaw, sporting an elephant's scalp headdress. Modern scholars believe it likely that she represents Cleopatra Selene, one of three children born to Cleopatra VII of Egypt and the Roman triumvir Mark Antony.

Using the Boscoreale discovery as her starting-point, Jane Draycott recreates the life and times of a remarkable woman – the sole member of the Ptolemaic dynasty to survive following her parents' defeat at the Battle of Actium. Unlike her siblings, who were either executed as threat to Rome's new ruler, Augustus, or simply forgotten, Cleopatra Selene not only survived but prospered. Brought up in the household of Octavia the Younger, Augustus' sister, she married a north African prince, Juba II of Numidia, and became co-ruler with him of the Roman client kingdom of Mauretania.

Cleopatra Selene was a princess who became a prisoner; a prisoner who became a queen; an Egyptian who became Roman; and a woman who became a powerful ruler in her own right at a time when most women were marginalised. Her life shines new and revelatory light on Roman politics, society and culture in the early years of the Empire, on Roman perceptions of Egypt, and on the relationship between Rome and one of its most significant allied kingdoms.

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10 Nov 2022 * 336pp * £9.99 * 9781800244818
'Anyone who wants to learn more about [an] underappreciated female ruler should read this book'
All About History
'Draycott brings to life the little-known story of an intelligent, powerful woman of mixed Macedonian, Roman, and Egyptian heritage making her own way in exciting historical times'
Adrienne Mayor, author of The Amazons: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women across the Ancient World
'A vibrant and fascinating portrait of a great woman who deserves her place in the pantheon of Roman queens'
Emma Southon, author of Agrippina: The Most Extraordinary Woman of the Roman World
'Fascinating! Full of fabulous facts about ancient Rome, Egypt and North Africa. I loved all the details of life in Cleopatra's world supported by a feast of visual and literary references'
Caroline Lawrence, author of The Roman Mysteries
'Jane Draycott has written an excellent account of Cleopatra's daughter – princess, captive, and queen. In Draycott's capable hands, the archaeological evidence tells half the tale, and it is intriguing. Here, Cleopatra Selene finally attains her rightful place in history'
Barry Strauss, Cornell University, author of The War that Made the Roman Empire: Antony, Cleopatra, and Octavian at Actium
'It is extraordinary that such a story has remained untold for so long. The historian and archaeologist Jane Draycott has masterfully pieced together a rich range of literary and artistic sources to create this immensely readable account of a great queen, Egyptian and Roman, who wielded power at a time when women were largely marginalised'
New Statesman
Jane Draycott
Jane Draycott
Jane Draycott is a Roman historian and archaeologist with a special interest in Graeco-Roman Egypt. She has degrees in archaeology, ancient history and classics, has worked in academic institutions in the UK and Italy, and excavated sites ranging from Bronze Age villages to First World War trenches across Europe. She has written academic books and articles on a range of subjects related to ancient history and archaeology. Jane is currently Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Glasgow, and co-director of the University's Games and Gaming Lab.