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Head of Zeus
Every Leaf a Hallelujah Ben Okri

In a forest, somewhere nearby, the trees are talking, as they always do. You can still hear them, if you listen hard enough. A child wanders the forest, listening to the trees tell their stories. But little by little the trees are falling silent. The forest is vanishing.

This is an environmental fable for readers of all ages. Children will be drawn to a child protagonist and the story's magical fabulism, adults to the relevance of the message and the lyricism of the language. Every Leaf a Hallelujah will be packaged in a beautiful illustrated hardback, perfect as a gift for readers of all ages.

Head of Zeus, an Apollo book * Children’s Fiction
01 Apr 2021 * 96pp * £9.99 * 9781800241633

'Ben Okri is that rare thing, a literary and social visionary, a writer for whom all three – literature, culture and vision – are profoundly interwoven' Ali Smith.

'Where fiction's master of enchantments stares down a real horror, and without blinking or flinching, produces a work of beauty, grace and uncommon power' Marlon James, on The Freedom Artist.
Ben Okri
Ben Okri
Ben Okri was born in Minna, Nigeria. His childhood was divided between Nigeria, where he saw first hand the consequences of war, and London. He has won many prizes over the years for his fiction, and is also an acclaimed essayist, playwright, and poet.
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