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Head of Zeus
The Bee and the Sun
The Bee and the Sun: A Calendar of Paintings by Catherine Hyde

Catherine Hyde follows the journey of the bee and the sun in a calendar of glorious full colour paintings that celebrate the sensory delights of herbs, seasoned with bee and plant lore.

From the rising and setting of the Pleiades, from sunrise to sunset, the bee and the sun work in harmony, a miracle of nature, growth and new life. Beneath the shifting constellations, equinoxes and solstice markers, as the bee progresses from plant to flower, acclaimed artist Catherine Hyde pays tribute to the magic and mystery of nature.

Snippets of ancient bee beliefs and plant folklore are complemented by paintings of wild thyme, saffron, meadow sweet, basil, mallow, lavender and many more delights. A book to treasure, and an ode to the wonder of nature.

'This is a treasure... Such a celebration of the wheel of the year' JACKIE MORRIS, CILIP Kate Greenaway winner of The Lost Words, on The Hare and the Moon

Head of Zeus, a Zephyr book * The Arts
25 Nov 2021 * 160pp * £7.99 * 9781800240834
'Blending beautifully vibrant paintings with the written word, this gorgeous calendar of art celebrates the magic of nature, as well as the sensory delights and etymology of herbs'
Daily Mail

'This is a treasure by Catherine Hyde. It is a thing of beauty that traps time... Such a celebration of the wheel of the year' Jackie Morris, CILIP Kate Greenaway winner of The Lost Words.

'She is, if you will, a visual poet weaving images, symbols and archetypes into paintings that resonate in the subconscious and linger there like half-remembered dreams or the dark fairy stories with which she has such affiliation' Pip Palmer, Galleries Magazine.

'Share the joy of leafing through the beautiful book which contains a treasure trove of visual and oral language... Atmospheric, entrancing and sparing enough to act as stepping stones into endless daydreams' Cornwall Today.

'It is the vibrant and atmospheric paintings and the way they bring to life the flora and fauna of the British countryside that make this book one that resonates... A book to treasure' The Field.

'An absolutely exquisite calendar of paintings, it's gorgeous... A celebration of flora, fauna and country life, this simply stunning tome would make the perfect girft or coffee table book'
 The Countryside

Catherine Hyde

Catherine Hyde
Catherine Hyde is a Cornish artist and award-winning illustrator. She trained in Fine Art Painting at Central School of Art in London and is represented in Cornwall by The Lighthouse Gallery, Penzance and in London by Foss Fine Art, Battersea. Catherine has been nominated for The Kate Greenaway Award four times and is recipient of The English Association Best Illustrated Book Award (Key Stage 2). She is illustrator of The Snow Angel written by Lauren St John, published in 2017 by Zephyr.
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