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Head of Zeus
After Paris Nicole Kennedy

Three best friends take the same Eurostar to Paris for a girls' weekend, but take separate trains back. What happened that weekend? A grown-up, thought-provoking and gripping novel set in Paris about motherhood, friendship, secrets, and the face we present to the world.

Three best friends. A weekend away. And a whole lot of baggage.

Alice, Nina and Jules have been best friends for 20 years. They met in Paris and return there once a year, to relive their youth, leave the cares and troubles of home behind, and indulge in each other's friendship and warmth. But this year, aged 35, the cracks in their relationships are starting to show...

Jules is smart, funny and thin. The sort of person who always gets what they want, she switched from law to investment banking because law wasn't challenging enough for her. Nina is calm and confident, and the only one of the three who has been made partner at the firm they all trained at. Alice has three beautiful children, and is on the brink of launching her interior design business.

But simmering beneath the surfaces of their seemingly wonderful lives are failed rounds of IVF, a gambling addiction, an unwanted pregnancy and an affair.

After their weekend together in Paris, the three women never speak again. Each of them claims the other two ghosted them. But what really happened that weekend?

Head of Zeus, an Aria book * Romance
07 Jul 2022 * 400pp * £4.99 * 9781800240193

Nicole Kennedy

Nicole Kennedy
Nicole Kennedy grew up in Essex. She was the first person in her family to go to university, and won a place to study Law at Bristol. She has always wanted to be a novelist but her work as a lawyer left little time for writing. During Nicole's second maternity leave she began writing poems and rhymes on motherhood and family life, which she posted to her blog 'The Brightness Of These Days'. She completed her first novel during her third maternity leave (because by then it was easier than leaving the house). Nicole lives in Kent with her husband and three sons. You can find her on Instagram @nicole_k_kennedy and Twitter @nicolekkennedy
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