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Head of Zeus
The Awakening
The Awakening: A History of the Western Mind AD 500 - 1700 by Charles Freeman

A monumental and exhilarating history of European thought, from the fall of Rome in the fifth century AD to the Scientific Revolution thirteen centuries later.

The Awakening traces the recovery and refashioning of Europe's classical heritage from the ruins of the Roman Empire. The process of preservation of surviving texts, fragile at first, was strengthened under the Christian empire founded by Charlemagne in the eighth century; later, during the High Middle Ages, universities were founded and the study of philosophy was revived. Renewed interest in ancient Greek and Roman thought provided the intellectual impetus for the Renaissance of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, whose ideas – aesthetic, political and scientific – were disseminated across Europe by the invention of the printing press. Equally momentous was Europe's encounter with the New World, and the resulting maritime supremacy which conferred global reach on Europe's merchants and colonists.

Vivid in detail and informed by the latest scholarship, The Awakening is powered not by the fate of kings or the clash of arms but by deeper currents of thought, inquiry and discovery, which first recover and then surpass the achievements of classical antiquity, and lead the West to the threshold of the Age of Reason. Charles Freeman takes the reader on an enthralling journey, and provides us with a vital key to understanding the world we live in today.

Praise for The Awakening:

'The subject of this stimulating and erudite book is nothing less than the development of the Western mind from the demise of classical civilisation in the fifth century AD, through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, to the Scientific Revolution of the seventeenth century. The Awakening is a work of serious scholarship by an author who has clearly been everywhere, seen everything and read voraciously. But it is also a work written with great elan and, given its scope, undertaken with considerable courage ... An arrestingly clear design, combined with numerous judiciously chosen illustrations, completes an extraordinary achievement' Christopher Lloyd, Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures, 1988-2005

'The Awakening recounts the slow evolution of Western thought that restored legitimacy to independent examination and analysis, that eventually led to a celebration, albeit a cautious one, of reason over blind faith. In the process, Freeman reminds us that quality, engaging narrative history has not gone extinct, while demonstrating that it is possible to produce a work that is so well-written it is readable by a general audience while meeting the rigorous standards of scholarship demanded by academia' Stan Prager

'The Awakening is a very timely book and an excellently written and produced one. Freeman is a good host, a superb narrator and tells his story with aplomb ... His elegant prose is a treat for the mind and the accompanying illuminations a treat for the eye' International Times

Head of Zeus, an Apollo book * Medieval History
06 Aug 2020 * 816pp * £12.99 * 9781789545647
'Charles Freeman has done it again – amassed a vast body of knowledge on a major subject and infused it with historical understanding and humane wit. Above all else, he makes us realise why the twelve centuries between late Antiquity and early Modernity remain urgently relevant to the world of the twenty-first century. Aquinas, Erasmus, Dante, Descartes... theirs and a host of others' mindbending ideas are made to leap off the page, grab us by the throat and demand our undivided attention'
Paul Cartledge, AG Leventis professor of Greek Culture Emeritus, University of Cambridge
'A remarkable work of scholarship by esteemed historian Charles Freeman ... The book is a fine production, adorned with coloured images of frescos and ancient manuscripts'
Irish Times

'An elegant story, engagingly told. Freeman has a talent for narrative history and for encapsulating the more arcane disputes of ancient historians and theologians' Independent.

'There is much here to admire ... It is a panoramic view that Freeman handles with grace, erudition and lucidity' Washington Times.

'Entertaining ... An excellent and readable account of the development of Christian doctrine'
 New York Times
Charles Freeman
Charles Freeman
Charles Freeman is a specialist on the ancient world and its legacy. He has worked on archaeological digs on the continents surrounding the Mediterranean and develops study tour programs in Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Freeman is Historical Consultant to the Blue Guides series and the author of numerous books, including the bestseller The Closing of the Western Mind and, most recently, Holy Bones, Holy Dust. He lives in the UK.
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