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Head of Zeus
99%: How We've Been Screwed and How to Fight Back by Mark Thomas

A Financial Times Book of the Year.

A clear, readable analysis of the inescapable fact that Generation Y (and subsequent generations) will be poorer than their parents, and how we should pursue other economic paths.

If you are part of the 99% – and there is a 99% chance that you are – then you are one of the first generation in living memory who can expect to be poorer than your parents, even as the economy continues to grow.

And you could be quite a lot poorer. If we continue as we are going, the civilisation we enjoy today will not last until 2050. Buying their own house is a distant dream for most young people; their wages are failing to keep pace with inflation; and more and more people are having to rely on food banks. Our age is one of chronic anxiety.

If the economy is doing so well, how can most people not be doing well? If the pie is growing, why aren't we all getting bigger slices?

This book shows what we, the 99%, can do to end mass impoverishment and build a society worth living in: an age of abundance, in which everyone benefits.

Head of Zeus, an Apollo book * Current Affairs
08 Aug 2019 * 354pp * £5.99 * 9781789544527
'If you are concerned about your future – or your children's future – but would never dream of reading a book about the economy [...] you should read this one!'
Hugh Pym, BBC Health Editor and former BBC Chief Economics Correspondent
'Policy-makers face stiff challenges. 99% will help them to navigate the minefield'
Andrew Harrop, General Secretary of the Fabian Society
'A fascinating and an inspirational book'

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas
Mark lives deep in the Herefordshire countryside with his wife Shirin, children Henry and Leila, his wife's mother, Puri, and two cats. He studied Maths at Cambridge University and headed the strategy practice at PA Counsulting Group, before deciding to write 99%.
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