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Head of Zeus
An Angel Sings
An Angel Sings: A poignantly moving Christmas short story, read by Nadine by Nadine Dorries, narrated by Nadine Dorries
 Lovely Lane

A Christmas short story from Sunday Times bestseller Nadine Dorries.

1950s Liverpool.

Christmas is one of the most harrowing times of year for the nurses of St Angelus Hospital.

The Matron takes on Tilly, a new clerk, to ease the load in the busy festive period. Tilly is bright and hard-working, but she is keeping a secret from her colleagues. Everyday Tilly makes a heartbreaking decision – but she has no other choice.

If Matron – with her traditional values and strict discipline – learnt the truth about her new clerk, Tilly's career would be ruined.

Could Matron ever forgive the deceit?

'Captivating, phenomenal and touching' 23 REVIEW STREET.

'A funny and sometimes shocking saga. I couldn't put it down' CRISTINA ODONE.

'The characters are engaging ... and the theme of the novel powerful' THE TIMES.

Head of Zeus * Saga
07 Dec 2018 * pp * £6.99 * 9781789543797
'A riveting tale packed full of history, love and deceit' OK! Magazine.
'A funny and sometimes shocking saga. I couldn't put it down' Cristina Odone.
'Angela's Ashes with a scouse accent' Irish Times.
'Captivating, phenomenal and touching' 23 Review Street.
'A multi-layered book [with] gorgeous sentences and sensational plotlines' With Love For Books.