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The Hitler Years, Volume 2: Disaster 1940-1945
The Hitler Years, Volume 2: Disaster 1940-1945 by Frank McDonough

'This is a book of big themes, big ideas and world changing events [...] It's a masterpiece' History of War Magazine

At the beginning of 1940 Germany was at the pinnacle of its power. By May 1945 Hitler was dead and Germany had suffered a disastrous defeat.

Hitler had failed to achieve his aim of making Germany a super power and had left her people to cope with the endless shame of the Holocaust.

In The Hitler Years ~ Disaster 1940-1945, Professor Frank McDonough charts the dramatic change of fortune for the Third Reich, and challenges long-held accounts of the Holocaust and Germany's ultimate defeat.

Despite Hitler's grand ambitions and the successful early stages of the Third Reich's advances into Europe, Frank McDonough argues that Germany was only ever a middle-ranking power and never truly stood a chance against the combined forces of the Allies.

Praise for Frank McDonough:

'Superbly scholarly and just as readable' Dan Snow

'The Hitler Years ~ Disaster and its companion volume, The Hitler Years ~ Triumph, are not just informative on a nearly encyclopaedic level, they are well-researched, well-structured, and well-written. What's more, they are relevant and challenging. Through questioning the myths that still exist, they encourage the reader to think in a new way, not just about the past, but about the present and the future' Get History

'McDonough has provided fascinating insights into the experiences of Germans in a fickle and frightening world' The Times, on The Gestapo

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10 Dec 2020 * 656pp * £8.99 * 9781789542790
'This book is like a time machine because McDonough writes so vividly [...] One minute you're dining in private with Churchill and Stalin, the next you're watching the Wehrmacht advance and retreat in the east'
History of War Magazine
'An impressive tome, beautifully presented with a body of illustrations ... McDonough's narrative rattles along, constantly engaging and enlightening and thankfully free from turgid academic jargon ... Rarely has the odious story of the Third Reich been so elegantly presented'
History Today
'I have read many books on the period and Frank McDonough's ranks above them all. Bravo'
Danny Baker
'McDonough is not content with repeating age-old arguments but seeks to challenge mainstream historiography, bringing into question the real role Hitler played in Nazi Germany'
Aspects of History
'McDonough writes clearly and readably with just enough detail on the huge canvas that he covers'
Nigel Jones, Spectator
'An amazing achievement ... If you are going to read one book over the Christmas period or early next year then read this'
Paul Ross, talkRadio
Frank McDonough
Frank McDonough
Professor Frank McDonough is an internationally renowned expert on the Third Reich. He studied history at Balliol College, Oxford and gained a PhD from Lancaster University. He has written many critically acclaimed books on the Third Reich, including: The Gestapo, Hitler and the Rise of the Nazi Party and Sophie Scholl: The Woman Who Defied Hitler.
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