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Head of Zeus
Trains, Planes, Ships and Cars
Trains, Planes, Ships and Cars by James Hamilton-Paterson

A lavishly illustrated celebration of the golden age of aircraft, cars, ships and locomotives from 1900 to 1941 by the author of the bestselling Empire of the Clouds.

This dazzling book describes the flourishing of transport and travel, and the engineering that made it possible, in the years before the Second World War. It is an homage to the great vehicles and their mechanisms, their cultural impact and the social change they enabled.

James Hamilton-Paterson explores the pinnacle of the steam engine, the advent and glory days of the luxury motorcar and the monster vehicles used in land speed records, the marvellous fast ocean liners and the excitement and beauty of increasingly aerodynamic forms of passenger aircraft. These were the days when for most people long-distance travel was a dream, and the dream-like glamour of these machines has never been surpassed.

Hamilton-Paterson has an unrivalled ability to write evocatively about engineering and design in their historical context, and in this book he brings a vanished era to life.

Head of Zeus, an Apollo book * Transport
09 Jan 2020 * 224pp * £8.99 * 9781789542356
'Airships and electric cars take centre stage in this fascinating transport book'
'Lavishly illustrated with wonderful photographs ... Unusually for this type of picture book, it is elegantly written, by somene who has an easy command of his subject, and firm opinions. It is the opposite of bland'
Mail on Sunday
'This book is full of extraordinary images and bizarre facts – barely a page goes by without some amazing form of transport, whether real or imagined'
Yorkshire Post
'Hamilton-Paterson describes the extraordinary progress made in each individual category of transport'
This England
'Transports the reader back to an era when travel really was the stuff of dreams – for both the man in the street, and the man behind the drawing board'
On Yorkshire Magazine
James Hamilton-Paterson
James Hamilton-Paterson
James Hamilton-Paterson is a novelist and non-fiction writer whose books defy easy categorisation. Gerontius won the Whitbread Prize; Cooking with Fernet Branca was longlisted for the Booker Prize. His acclaimed books on the oceans, including Seven-Tenths, have been widely translated, and his books about aviation have set new standards for writing about aircraft. Born and educated in England, Hamilton-Paterson has lived in the Philippines and Italy and now makes his home in Austria.
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