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Head of Zeus
Go Fund Yourself
Go Fund Yourself: What Money Means in the 21st Century, How to be Good at it and Live Your Best Life by Alice Tapper

Do your future self a favour. Go Fund Yourself.

As heard on BBC Radio 4's Start The Week.

Tired of struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month? Got no clue where to begin with savings and investments? Want to start your own business?

It isn't about cutting back on coffee or walking to work, and it definitely isn't about becoming a bazillionaire overnight (sorry). I don't believe in telling you what you should and shouldn't spend your money on and, sadly, get rich quick schemes are a load of BS.

Instead, it combines time-tested, expert advice with fresh insights into how money works today and how you can earn, spend and invest your way towards living your best life.

Praise for Alice Tapper:

'A brilliant voice in modern finance' Stylist
'A financial game changer' Marie Claire
'Tapper makes budgeting and getting out of debt seem fun' Daily Telegraph

Head of Zeus, an Anima book * Health, Diet and Fitness
11 Jul 2019 * 256pp * £4.99 * 9781788546713
'Full of practical exercises to help you take action ... The book sheds light on the big changes and choices that could really make a difference'
'Tapper makes budgeting and getting out of debt seem fun'
Daily Telegraph
'Alice Tapper ought to be labelled as the millennial financial guru. Go Fund Yourself is straight, direct – and also doesn't patronise readers'
Alice Tapper
Alice Tapper
Alice Tapper is the Founder of Go Fund Yourself, an online platform and community which makes personal finance relatable. She also works with start-ups and financial institutions to help them develop new products and communications. Previously, Alice was a management consultant. She has a degree in Economics and an MSc in Behavioural Economics.
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