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Head of Zeus
A Last Goodbye
A Last Goodbye Dee Yates

A heart-breaking saga set against the backdrop of World War 1, perfect for all fans of Katie Flynn.

In a remote hill farm in beautiful Scotland, Ellen and her father Duncan are enjoying a peaceful life away from the belching mills and hustle and bustle of the growing towns. In time they're joined by rugged farmhand Tom, come to lend some muscle to Ellen's ageing father, who has begun to find sheep farming hard to manage alone. Almost inevitably romance grows between Ellen and the new arrival but once married however, Ellen discovers that Tom has a brutish side to his character. As war in Europe spreads, she begins to dream of him leaving for the trenches as a way for her to escape.

Even with Tom fighting abroad however, the family can not hide from the realities of war as a group of POWs are brought to their valley to build a reservoir. And amongst the men, sworn enemies and shunned by all the locals, Ellen finds a gentler heart that she finds difficult to resist...

Head of Zeus, an Aria book * Saga
01 May 2018 * 288pp * £2.99 * 9781788545112
'A very different historical romance, with plenty of angst, turmoil and drama'
Elaine Brent, NetGalley
'A truly empowering story. I loved it and cannot wait for more from Dee Yates'
Michelle Russell, NetGalley
'Beautifully written and deals very sensitively with the difficult topic of shell shock and mental health'
Claire Lyons, NetGalley
'A poignant story that will have [you] reading late into the night'
Kristina Anderson, NetGalley
'Saga fans are going to absolutely love losing themselves in Dee Yates' enthralling, engrossing and hugely enjoyable historical saga ... Poignant, captivating and a joy from beginning to end'
Julie Bonello, NetGallery
'I absolutely loved reading this heartbreaking tale ... A well-deserved 5* out of 5*'
Amanda Oughton, NetGalley
Dee Yates
Dee Yates
Born and brought up in the south of England, the eldest girl of nine children, Dee moved north to Yorkshire to study medicine. She remained there, working in well woman medicine and general practice and bringing up her three daughters. She retired slightly early at the end of 2003, in order to start writing, and wrote two books in the next three years. In 2007 she moved further north, to the beautiful Southern Uplands of Scotland. Here she fills her time with her three grandsons, helping in the local museum, the church and the school library, walking, gardening and reading. She writes historical fiction, poetry and more recently non-fiction. Occasionally she gets to compare notes with her youngest sister Sarah Flint who writes crime with blood-curdling descriptions which make Dee want to hide behind the settee.
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