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Head of Zeus
Wild Women
Wild Women edited by Mariella Frostrup

The best travel writing by women.

From Constantinople to Crimea; from Antarctica to the Andes. Throughout history adventurous women have made epic, record-breaking journeys under perilous circumstances. Whether escaping constricted societies back home or propelled by a desire for independence, footloose females have ventured to the four corners of the earth and recorded their exploits for posterity.

For too long their triumphs have been overshadowed by those of their male counterparts, whose honourable failures make bigger news. In curating this collection of first-hand accounts, broadcaster, writer and traveller Mariella Frostrup puts female explorers back on the map. Her selection includes explorers from the 1700s to the present day, from iconic heroines to lesser-known eccentrics, celebrating 300 years of wild women and their amazing adventures over land, sea and air.

Head of Zeus, an Anima book * Travel
10 Jan 2019 * 800pp * £25 * 9781788540018
'Required reading for anyone who assumed that "the road less travelled" was a solely masculine preserve'
Dublin Sunday Independent, Must Reads of 2019
'This fine anthology brings a female voice to a subject too long dominated by men ... It curates some incredible tales'
'At a time when #MeToo is striking rather a strident note, these insights into the peculiar experiences and observations of courageous and articulate women in a male-dominated world are a joy to read'
Country Life
'Like any good travel book, Wild Women succeeds in casting the reader's mind off on journeys of its own, inspiring fresh plans and what the Germans call Fernweh, or a longing for faraway places'
'A stirring whistle-stop tour, led by women who often risked disapproval in leaving home to roam the world'
Vanity Fair
Mariella Frostrup
Mariella Frostrup
Mariella Frostrup is one of the UK's leading journalists, broadcasters and critics. She was the presenter of Open Book on Radio 4 for eighteen years before moving to Times Radio, and has judged the Booker Prize.
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