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Head of Zeus
Death Notice
Death Notice by Zhou Haohui, translated by Zac Haluza

'Serial killers turn up all the time in crime fiction, but few are as patient or as devious as the murderer in Zhou Haohui's Death Notice. This extraordinary novel is the first in a trilogy, and it is already China's bestselling crime series to date' Sunday Times


For nearly two decades an unsolved double homicide has haunted Sergeant Zheng Haoming of the Chengdu Police Department.


Now it looks as if the long-dormant killer has resurfaced, taunting law enforcement with 'death notices' proclaiming their next victim and the date of 'execution'. Perhaps modern police techniques – criminal profiling, online surveillance, SWAT teams – can catch a killer who previously evaded justice? Or perhaps this killer is more than a match for the Chengdu Police Department.


Death Notice is the first book in the Chinese crime series phenomenon: a high-octane, high-concept cat-and-mouse thriller that adds an exhilarating new gear to the police procedural. The second book in the series, Fate is out in December 2020.

Reviews for Death Notice:

'Fiendishly inventive' Wall Street Journal

'Extraordinary' Sunday Times

'A perfect cat-and-mouse killer' Book Riot

'A compulsive and particularly ingenious read and a first-class mystery' Crime Time

Head of Zeus * Crime Fiction
14 Jun 2018 * 384pp * £4.99 * 9781786699398
Serial killers turn up all the time in crime fiction, but few are as patient or as devious as the murderer in Zhou Haohui's Death Notice. This extraordinary novel is the first in a trilogy... It's such a gripping story that an online TV series based on the novels has had more than 2.4 billion views'
The Sunday Times
A rare example of a Chinese police thriller in translation and if this is the normal quality of what is being produced there, we are in for much in the way of future treats and good reads... A compulsive and particularly ingenious read and a first class mystery... Gifting the reader with more insights into contemporary Chinese culture and background than any magazine, newspaper article or TV documentary could'
Crime Time
Totally gripping and very chilling [and] the ending is pure poetry. This is a full-on thriller from start to finish, a police procedural that revels in pushing against the boundaries of the format... China will turn out to be a fantastic source of new crime writing in the coming few years. For now, the good news is this is the first in a trilogy so there are two more novels to look forward to'
Nudge Book
Stuffed full of cryptic clues and red herrings; deception, deviation and dishonesty, which builds into a thoroughly satisfying self-contained story... [The plot is] sneakily seductive, taking an erratic turn into the unknown, just when you thought you'd figured it out'
Murder Mayhem & More
'This first volume in a trilogy displays rare mental agility'
Sunday Times Books of the Year
'If foreign and complex are qualities you seek in crime writing, you'll be delighted to have a crack at solving this one before the Chengdu Police Dept slap the bracelets on'
Strong Words
Zhou Haohui
Zhou Haohui
Zhou Haohui was born in 1977 and lives in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. His Death Notice trilogy is China's bestselling crime series. An online TV drama based on the novels has received more than 2.4 billion views, making it one of China's most popular online shows ever.
ALSO BY Zhou Haohui

Zac Haluza

Zac Haluza
Zac Haluza is the translator of the Death Notice series. He began his translation career in 2014, when his translation of Shooting the Bull won third place in the English category of that year's China International Translation Contest. His other published translations include Never Give Up on Yourself and a short story by Hugo-Award-winning sci-fi author Liu Cixin.
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