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Head of Zeus
Crazy Stupid Love
Crazy Stupid Love: A fun, feel-good romance by Cassie Rocca
 Blame It On New York, 2

Are there written rules on how to find a soulmate? Or is it better to trust the hands of fate? A hilarious romance perfect for the fans of Debbie Johnson and Holly Martin.

After enduring a string of dead-end relationships, Zoe Mathison has made a decision – to find a man who truly appreciates her. But this is turning out to be more complicated than she expected. Fed up of being surrounded by insufferably happy couples in love, her mission to find the perfect man starts to become an obsession.

Eric Morgan is pushed to his limits. Hopelessly in love with Zoe, who sees him as nothing more than a best friend to lean on, he can't bear seeing his hopes of romance crushed every time the sculpted pecs of a younger man comes along. But when a new girl appears on the scene, he is determined to prove that he can push his infatuation aside and move on. But is it as easy as it seems?

In the romantic and bustling city of New York, will Zoe and Eric's hilarious misadventures attract Cupid's arrow?

What readers are saying about A NEW YORK LOVE STORY:

'A fantastic quick, pleasurable read to get you in the mood for mistletoe'

'A New York Love Story was a joy to read'

'I believe this is Cassie Rocca's debut story and I am excited to see what else she writes in the future'

'A delightful Christmas season read'

Head of Zeus, an Aria book * Romance
01 Aug 2017 * 235pp * £2.99 * 9781786698995
'A really fun, really cute book'
Lindsay Yocum, NetGalley
'A very fun romantic read'
Lovely Loveday
'This book definitely does not disappoint. I happily devoured it in one greedy sitting and simply loved it'
Karen Whittard, NetGalley
'An excellent book that is definitely a page turner'
Charlotte Van-Vaerenbergh, NetGalley
'One of my favorite romance novels ... It was a delight and this author is amazing!'
Trully Sunee, NetGalley
'I loved this book ... Really looking forward to more from Cassie Rocca. 10/10'
Michelle Russell, NetGalley
'A fun, cute book'
Susan Underbrink, NetGalley
'If you're looking for a quick contemporary romance set in New York, you can check this series out'
Priyanka Jadhav, NetGalley
'A very well written story'
Sarah Davies, NetGalley
'If you like a friends-to-lovers story then it may be perfect for you'
Rachel Broughton, NetGalley
'Such a fun cute read that I couldn't stop smiling all the way though the last page'
Cherry Karl, NetGalley
'Fun, funny, and romantic'
Kristal Hubbard, NetGalley
'Really great read for anyone into romance. Such a good story and one I really loved!'
Neely Moldovan, NetGalley
A New York Love Story
Once Upon a Heartbreak
Cassie Rocca
Cassie Rocca
Cassie Rocca is a writer of Sicilian origin who has lived in Genoa since the age of three. In everyday life she is a child-minder, a job which gives her plenty of ideas for her modern fairy tales.
ALSO BY Cassie Rocca
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A New York Love Story
Once Upon a Heartbreak