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Head of Zeus
A Jihad for Love
A Jihad for Love by Mohamed El Bachiri, by David van Reybrouck

Mohamed El-Bachiri is a Muslim. He lost his wife Loubna in the Brussels bombing of March 2016 – a young woman murdered by a fanatical jihadist. Mohamed was left to bring up their three sons on his own.

Instead of hating or collapsing into grief, he put together a short book of reflections on love, loss and the ways in which we can live together despite differences of religion and ideology.

It is a plea for tolerance and compassion, a rejection of fanaticism, and it is a heartbreaking book. Mohamed El-Bachiri shows how an argument for treating each other with kindness and respect can survive even the most brutal atrocity.

For him, Islam should be a struggle for love, and the struggle for love should involve us all.

Head of Zeus * Memoir
13 Jul 2017 * 96pp * £4.99 * 9781786697998
'A brave, sad, heartrending book, that makes the case all too well for common humanity, and treats extremist terrorism with contempt, but recognises its perpetrators as human too. El-Bachiri, a Muslim, lost his wife in a terrorist attack carried out by a fanatical jihadist. This is his jihadist response – a jihad of love and humanity'
Julia Neuberger

Mohamed El Bachiri

Mohamed El Bachiri
Mohamed El-Bachiri is a former metro driver from Brussels. His wife Loubna was killed in the Brussels bombing of March 2016, leaving behind three young children. A Jihad for Love topped the Dutch bestseller list a week after publication in March 2017.