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Head of Zeus
The Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan
The Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan by Vicky Marshall

Have you ever wondered why so many dogs seems to be suffering from weight issues?

This excellent little book provides the answer: modern dog food. The author explains the effect processed dog food has on a dog's body and how, by switching to a biologically appropriate diet, the weight will, literally, drop off.

The diet itself couldn't be simpler. You can get all the ingredients from a butcher or supermarket and it is easy and quick to prepare. Best of all, it works.

Head of Zeus, an Anima book * Natural History
28 Dec 2017 * 208pp * £8.99 * 9781786697431
'An easy-to-understand guide with lots of practical advice'
Dogs Monthly
'A good little read for those who have an overweight dog or owners considering a different form of feeding'
Kennel Gazette

Vicky Marshall

Vicky Marshall
Vicky Marshall is an author and part-owner of Honey's Real Dog Food – a family business based in rural Wiltshire that combines animal welfare with ethically produced British ingredients to provide a nutritionally balanced diet for dogs.
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The Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan
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