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Head of Zeus
Hunted: A gripping serial killer thriller full of twists you won't see coming by Monty Marsden

A gripping thriller full of twists you won't see coming... The next thrilling serial killer read from the author of MISSING. Perfect for the fans of Angela Marsons and Jeffrey Deaver.

Seven years ago, psychiatrist Dr Claps assisted police in capturing Giacomo Riondino, a man accused of abducting, torturing and murdering two women. On arrest, tests had revealed that Riondino suffered from a rare and disturbing psychiatric condition and was sectioned.

Six years later, Riondino is on the run after escaping from a rehabilitation centre, leaving a trail of bloody murders in his wake.

It is now a case for expert profiler Dr Claps and Commissioner Sensi to work together to track Riondino down before he kills again. Time is running out and the killer may be much closer than he seems...

What readers are saying about MISSING:

'A brilliant gripping book I couldn't put down. It's going to be frustrating to wait for the next one!'

'Full of twists and turns, red herrings and an ending I never guessed'

'Kept me reading to the small hours, very enjoyable'

'I am not sure I am sufficiently experienced at reviewing to actually do this book justice, it was brilliant'

Head of Zeus, an Aria book * Thrillers
01 Jul 2017 * 235pp * £4.99 * 9781786694317
Very well written and plotted... I very much look forward to the next novel he pens'
Joyce Fox, NetGalley
'A good read which I have no hesitation in recommending'
Elaine Tomasso, NetGalley
'There is a lot of detail about Riondino's strange psychiatric disorder, and a lot of plot twists with a page-turning ending. Very gory in parts, with detailed descriptions of brutal murders, so reader be forewarned!'
Lucy Boulton-Mills, NetGalley
'Recommended. 4 1/2 stars'
Erica M, NetGalley
'Another awesome story from the author of Missing. A deviant psychological thriller with a mystery all rolled in to one, a definite must read'
Geraldine Robbins, NetGalley
'I'll have to look out for Monty Marsden again!!'
Galadriel, NetGalley
I was holding my breath as I waited to see what the final outcome would be. What I got was a clever ending... Highly recommended!'
Karen O'Hare, NetGalley
Monty Marsden
Monty Marsden
Monty Marsden, a Tuscan by birth, grew up in Milan, where he studied medicine and still works. He lives in the province of Bergamo, with his wife and four children.
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