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Head of Zeus
Just the Two of Us
Just the Two of Us: An emotional page turner about never giving up on love by Georgie Capron

'A big topic written with a wonderfully light touch. I raced through this gorgeous story – I just had to find out what happened to loveable, relatable Lucy' Catherine Bennetto, author of How Not to Fall in Love, Actually.

A heart-warming, funny and tear-jerking story about love, in all its shapes and sizes. Just the Two of Us will make you laugh and cry, and remind you never to give up on love.

Lucy is the wrong side of thirty and tormented daily by the idyllic family pictures cluttering up her Facebook newsfeed. All of her friends seem to be getting married and having babies, and yet here she is, resolutely single, and no prospect of creating the perfect family she's always dreamt of.

How she longs for it to be her turn.

But finding love is complicated, and as time passes she wonders if there might just be another way to make her dreams come true. Is she brave enough to go it alone, or is the fantasy of 'baby makes three' just too precious to give up on?

What people are saying about JUST THE TWO OF US:

'A beautifully written, thought provoking read, highlighting the underlying strength of a mother's unconditional love'

'I forgot it was a book and got lost in another dimension of love and hope'

'This book will wrench at your heartstrings and fill you with hope'

'An elegant portrait of a woman navigating life, love and the expectations of the future'

Head of Zeus, an Aria book * Fiction
01 Feb 2017 * 357pp * £3.99 * 9781786693341
'If you want something to warm your heartstrings this is for you'
Lianne James, NetGalley
'Highly emotional at times but also full of warmth and laughter'
Tara Greaves, NetGalley
'A most enjoyable book which made me think. I didn't want to put it down'
Margaret Duke-Wyer, NetGalley
'Lucy's story strikes a chord with most of today's single, self-sufficient women ... I highly recommend this book'
Beth Goodman, NetGalley
'Curled up with this charming book and devoured in one sitting ... Highly recommend'
Maria MacKenzie, NetGalley
'I related so much to this story ... It just captured me from the beginning and never let go'
Jessica Nipper, NetGalley
'The story has a very cosy, comforting feel to it'
Bharti Chandnani, NetGalley
'A beautiful, moving and inspiring book. I absolutely loved it'
Karen Whittard, NetGalley
'A lovely story ... I will be looking for more books by this author'
Sally Coles, NetGalley
'The emotion is real and raw ... I look forward to what Georgie has to offer us next'
Kat Duncan, NetGalley
'A great debut ... Just the Two of Us has had such a profound effect on me and has empowered me to feel able to make some huge decisions'
Beccy West, NetGalley
'The perfect romance with a lot of laugh out loud parts ... I loved the speed of the book and how much was packed into it'
Jessica Bell, NetGalley
'A beautifully written, thought-provoking read ... will leave your heart glowing and your soul hugged'
The Writing Garnet
'A grown-up emotional book about life, love, dreams, fate, and complications— mixed with humor and honesty'
Dreaming With Open Eyes
'Humor and romance all rolled into one - what more could I want in a book!'
Nadia Anguiano, NetGalley
'A thought-provoking and utterly captivating story'
Book Drunk
'What an incredible story. I really enjoyed this one'
Erin Ayin, NetGalley
'It was a lovely read. I didn't want the book to end'
Sylvia M, NetGalley
'Complicated, emotional, romantic and dramatic ... Georgie Capron created a beautiful story of a modern-day life/family and love'
Sparkly Word
'I was enraptured from start to finish'
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Georgie Capron
Georgie Capron
Georgie lives in South West London with her husband and daughter. Alongside her writing she works as a primary school teacher and she particularly enjoys teaching English. She studied Italian and History of Art at the University of Edinburgh and did a PGCE in primary education at the University of London.
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