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Head of Zeus
To Read Aloud
To Read Aloud by Francesco Dimitri

Reading a story to another person creates a bond between two people. It is often assumed that reading aloud is only for children, but the practice was once a common pleasure for adults too. The time has come to rediscover it. This simple yet powerful action connects us with our friends, helps us centre ourselves in the present and lets us focus gently on what matters.

To Read Aloud consists of 75 extracts of an average 1000 words each, from writers ranging from Cicero to Lewis Carroll to Robert Macfarlane (alongside less familiar names). It is arranged under ten thematic chapters: Love, Loss, Lightness, Pleasure, Work, Nature, Change, Chaos, Wonder, and Coda: Delicacies for Discussion. A literary toolbox for well-being, To Read Aloud invites you to to take just ten minutes off, sit down with somebody you care about and share a passage of writing.

Head of Zeus * Anthologies
02 Nov 2017 * 320pp * £6.99 * 9781786693242
'A goldmine of a collection: each literary gem can be savoured independently, yet are woven together to form a rich tapestry of beauty and meaning. This treasure will crack your mind—and soul—open, both when read aloud and otherwise'
Boing Boing
'Francesco makes a gentle plea for a return to the ancient art of storytelling as a toolkit for modern-day wellbeing. Packed with stirring passages of prose and poetry [...] Francesco's reading aloud 'prescriptions' cover loss, love, nature and much in between'
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Francesco Dimitri

Francesco Dimitri
Francesco Dimitri is the author of To Read Aloud, published by Head of Zeus in 2017. He is on the faculty of the School of Life.
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