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Head of Zeus
Trust Me
Trust Me: A gripping, atmospheric psychological thriller that will keep you guessing by Zosia Wand

Who can you trust if you can't trust yourself?

'Brilliantly readable' SUNDAY MIRROR.
'Intriguing and unsettling' JANE LYTHELL.

Lizzie lives in the Lake District with her partner, Jonty, and his teenage son, Sam. Though she's only ten years older than her stepson, their set-up works. They are a family.

Then Sam becomes sullen and withdrawn, and Lizzie suspects something sinister is going on.

But no one will believe her.

They think Lizzie is to blame.

Are they right?

This is a brilliantly atmospheric domestic thriller about dark rumours wreaking havoc on a happy family. Perfect for readers of The Family Next Door and The Other Woman.

Head of Zeus * Thrillers
01 Jul 2017 * 368pp * £2.99 * 9781786692283
'Brilliantly readable'
Sunday Mirror
'A wonderful story in a vivid, atmospheric setting'
Claire McGowan
'An intriguing and unsettling read'
Jane Lythell
'Full of suspense'
The People
'In an age where school grooming and paedophiles are in the news all the time, Trust Me is a worrying exploration of the blame game and how important it is to trust others'
Roaring Bookworm
'A disturbing read. The subject matter is challenging, and the atmosphere that Zosia so cleverly creates is unnerving. There is a feeling of apprehension as you turn every page. You never quite know where the story is heading or when violence will erupt ... A very good and a very disturbing book'
'I love the way the author writes and how she depicts the characters'
Rachel Bustin
'Had me gripped from the very start ... The tension builds beautifully, and the climax at the end is unexpected. It was a book I couldn't wait to get back to at the end of the day, to see what would unfold next'
'Just when I thought I had the whole story figured out, the author planted little seeds of doubt ... A thrilling, head-spinning and well-written read that will keep you guessing throughout'
'I just couldn't put it down! ... Refreshingly different to anything I've read in this genre for a while. I was hooked from start to finish'
Rather Too Fond of Books
'Her descriptions of the location captivated me from the very first paragraph, and drew me into the [characters'] lives. What intriguing lives they were!'
Portable Magic
'A very disturbing book that tackles a subject matter that is difficult to read and some want to turn a blind eye to, but this author has handled it well'
Read Along With Sue
'The characters were well-written [...] and the setting for the book provided a good back drop for the story. A good debut'
Go Buy the Book
'It's always a treat to discovered a talented debut author ... Did I say a treat and a pleasure? Trust Me was both'
Promoting Crime
'Wand skilfully weaves a cleverly constructed family saga that combines domestic noir and psychological thriller into an impressive whole, using writing that is both is both assured and lyrical as the glue to hold everything together, while everything Lizzie holds dear starts to fall apart. Wand's love of the Lake District shines through, and the sense of place was palpable'
Crime Review
Zosia Wand
Zosia Wand
Zosia Wand is an author and playwright. She was born in London and lives in Cumbria with her family. She is passionate about good coffee, cake and her adopted landscape on the edge of the Lake District. Her first novel, Trust Me, was published by Head of Zeus in 2017.
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