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Head of Zeus
Guernica: Painting the End of the World James Attlee
 The Landmark Library, 5

A brilliant, concise account of the painting often described as the most important work of art produced in the twentieth century, as part of the stunning Landmark Library series.

Pablo Picasso had already accepted a commission in 1937 to create a work for the Spanish Republican Pavilion at the Paris World Fair when news arrived of the assault by the German Condor Legion on the undefended Basque town of Guernica, in which hundreds of civilians died.

James Attlee offers an illuminating account of the genesis, creation and many-stranded afterlife of Picasso's Guernica. He explores the historical context from which it sprang; the artistic influences that informed its execution; the critical responses that it elicited; its journeyings across Europe and America in the late 1930s; its post-war adoption by new generations of anti-war protestors; and its eventual return to Spain following the death of Franco.

Head of Zeus * Military History
05 Oct 2017 * 248pp * £8.99 * 9781786691439
'An impressive overview ... Succeeds in showing how influential Guernica has been, and how it continues to be used as a reference point in political and military conflicts of today'
The Sunday Times
'Attlee digs up rich examples of the debate and devotion that invariably attended the paining ... Guernica literature abounds; but this book is a worthwhile addition'
The Spectator
'[James Attlee's] slim book, which is clearly written and beautifully produced, both updates the tale and adds something fresh to the mix ... Attlee's book helps you appreciate [Guernica's] daring and resonance'
Literary Review

James Attlee

James Attlee
James Attlee worked in art publishing for 25 years and then as editor-at-large for Chicago University Press. He is the author of the acclaimed Isolarion: A Different Oxford Journey; Nocturne: A Journey in Search of Moonlight; and Station to Station.