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Head of Zeus
Finding You
Finding You: A feel-good love story set in Milan by Danielle Ryan

A feel good love story where sometimes first impressions can be very wrong... Perfect for the fans of Miranda Dickenson and Paige Toon.

Valentina Harrison is a PA at an international advertising agency but when her boss disappears, James Spencer is flown in from the New York office to take over the helm.

James is handsome, successful and arrogant, Valentina is intelligent but, compared to the other fashionistas in her Milan office, rather plain and different. Because of this James treats her with contempt; needless to say Valentina can't stand him.

As their work brings them closer together, James and Valentina discover that first impressions can be wrong, so very wrong...

What readers are saying about FINDING YOU:

'A well constructed read that got me reading at every moment I could'

'Sweet and funny!'

'It will make you swoon, cry, laugh out loud, ignore your family and firmly embed itself in your head and heart'

Head of Zeus, an Aria book * Romance
01 May 2016 * 190pp * £3.99 * 9781784977481
'A real feel-good book with a lot of romance and a page turner'
Bobbi Hardy, NetGalley
'Sweet and fun'
Sarah Clay, NetGalley
'I loved this book, I haven't laughed this hard in a while'
Anida Sakanovic, NetGalley
Light-hearted, charming, and delightful. This story is truly a contemporary approach to the classic happy-ever-after fairy tale'
What's Better Than Books?
'I really enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down after I'd started it - highly recommended'
Donna Maguire, Goodreads
'I would definitely recommend it for a mature audience'
Ally Chin,
Danielle Ryan
Danielle Ryan
Danielle Ryan is a bestselling author in Italy. Her debut novel Finding You reached no. 1 on Italian Amazon.
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