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Head of Zeus
Wise Words
Wise Words by Stephen Trombley

A philosophical miscellany, as diverting as it is instructive, centred on an eclectic sequence of themes, ranging from advice to ageing, from backbiting to bigotry, from freedom to friendship, and from work to walking.

Stephen Trombley mines the canon of two and half millennia of Western thought for observations that reflect the seriousness, the joy and the strangeness of human existence, counterpointing these words of wisdom with episodes – sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, sometimes plain odd – from the lives of the great philosophers.

WISE WORDS includes, on each of its themes, the thoughts of philosophers from the distant past to the present. The result is a multi-dimensional treatment of each theme that crosses temporal, national and ideological boundaries.

Head of Zeus * Philosophy
21 Apr 2016 * 416pp * £8.99 * 9781784971304
'An invaluable book to always have available ready for a quick dip, or longer, informative read'
Nudge Book
'A fascinating read, a book you will enjoy dipping into in quieter moments'
Stephen Trombley
Stephen Trombley
Stephen Trombley's most recent books are Fifty Thinkers Who Shaped the Modern World (2012) and A Short History of Western Thought (2011). For 15 years he co-edited The Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought with Alan Bullock.
Wise Words
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