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Head of Zeus
Lakeland: A Personal Journey by Hunter Davies

'I don't know any tract of land in which in so narrow a compass may be found an equal variety of sublime and beautiful features'. So said the poet Wordsworth of England's Lake District, an area as rich in cultural associations as it is in beautiful scenery.

Hunter Davies, who has spent every summer in the Lake District for nearly half a century, takes the reader on an engaging, informative and affectionate tour of the lakes, fells, traditions, denizens and history of England's most popular tourist destination.

From the first discovery of Lakeland as a tourist destination in the 18th century, to the tale of the Maid of Buttermere, to the poet Coleridge's ascent of Scafell Pike in 1802, to such enduring local traditions as Cumberland wrestling and hound trailing, Hunter Davies brings England's Lake District memorably and informatively to life.

Head of Zeus * Travel
01 Jul 2016 * 192pp * £8.99 * 9781784971151
'I absolutely adored Lakeland. Lucky Lake District to have such an inspired chronicler'
Jilly Cooper
'Nicely produced and tastefully illustrated, the whole thing enchants from start to finish'
The Times
'The generous illustrations to Lakeland are by turns beautiful and quirky. Engravings by artists of the Picturesque evoke the changing past of what Hunter Davies sums up as "a living place not a museum"'
'This great little book brings the Lake District memorably to life'
NFU Countryside
'Davies's easy, affable style makes his Lakeland a plum-pie delight of gossip, pictures and facts. This is one to treasure'
WI Life
'Davies waxes lyrical about its famous sons and daughters'
This is England
'A lovely read for everyone who loves the Lakes'
Cumberland News
'A beautifully produced Lake District miscellany, informed by a lifetime's enthusiasm'
TGO Magazine
Hunter Davies
Hunter Davies
Hunter Davies is a prolific author, journalist and broadcaster who has written for Punch, the New Statesman, Guardian and Sunday Times. He is the author of more than 100 books, including the only authorized biography of The Beatles and biographies of Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter and Alfred Wainwright. He spent every summer in the Lake District for nearly half a century and his Lakeland: A Personal Journey was published by Head of Zeus in 2016. He now divides his time between North London and the Isle of Wight.
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