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Head of Zeus
Say Cheese
Say Cheese: The Original Collection of Cheese Jokes (Fixed Format) by Wesley Dale, illustrated by Tutu Tyutyunnik

What cheese do you use to lure a grizzly out of the woods?
What cheese did they eat in the Hadron collider?
How do they eat crumbly cheese in Wales?

Find out the punchlines to these crackers (and more) in SAY CHEESE – a cute little hardback full of illustrated jokes, and the perfect gift for everyone who appreciates a good cheese or a bad pun.

As Dr Johnson famously didn't say: 'When you are tired of cheese jokes, you are tired of life. Buy this book.'

Head of Zeus * Sport & Leisure
23 Oct 2014 * 64pp * £6.99 * 9781784082802
'This book contains enough obscure coagulated milk jests to satisfy even the most exacting fromager'
Guardian, Books of the Year

Wesley Dale

Wesley Dale
Wesley Dale is a pseudonym.

Tutu Tyutyunnik

Tutu Tyutyunnik
Illustrator Tutu Tyutyunnik is a London graphic designer.
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