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Head of Zeus
Only Ever You
Only Ever You: A glamorous historical romance by Kate Kerrigan


This is the story of three women and one charismatic man. A glamorous historical romance, perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy.

It is 1950s New York, the time of dance halls, swing bands and the beginning of rock and roll. In The Emerald, Ava Brogan dances the night away, knowing that she will never be pretty like the other Irish girls there, wishing her mother wouldn't keep plotting to find her a husband.

Here, too, Sheila Klein, Holocaust orphan, dreams of finding a star and making her name in the music industry. Tough and cynical, she has never let her heart be broken by any man.

Enter Patrick Murphy, with a sublime voice, a hit song in his back pocket and charisma to burn. Ava and Sheila's worlds are about to be turned upside down. They do not know that Patrick's first great love from Ireland is on her way to New York – determined to find and get her man at all costs. Beautiful Rose is used to getting what she wants in life and that's not about to change any time soon.

What people are saying about ONLY EVER YOU:

'Kate Kerrigan has exactly captured the emotion and consuming passion of first love. Truly lovely'

'I absolutely loved this book, it is pure romance'

'This was my first introduction to Kate Kerrigan, but before I even picked up the book I knew I'd been missing out!'

'A classic love story with a musical twist'

*Originally published as It Was Only Ever You.

Head of Zeus * Fiction
06 Oct 2016 * 400pp * £2.99 * 9781784082406
'Great drama, fabulous characters, heart-wrenching emotion and period detail galore'
Daily Mail
'A beautifully wrought love story ... Kate's style deftly weaves believable characters and romantic longing with the everyday dramas that bind and divide local communities'
Irish Daily Star
'Ideal read for lovers of historical fiction ... A classic love story with a musical twist'
Bleach House Library
'No one does lavish vintage romance like Kate Kerrigan ... Emotional drama, with fabulous characters'
Daily Mail
'A wonderfully atmospheric novel from an author at the top of her game'
Irish Independent
'Kerrigan is such a wonderful story-teller, who can bring her characters to life at the blink of an eye. Enchanting, beautifully written, and perfect to lose yourself in ... A romantic, glistening gem of literary beauty'
The Writing Garnet
'Exquisitely written, wonderfully told and riveting from start to finish ... A dazzling page-turner that transports readers back to the past with plenty of style and flair. Kate Kerrigan is a superb storyteller ... One of the year's best books!'
Bookish Jottings
'An incredibly well written, colourful and very moving story'
Random Things Through My Letterbox
A delight of a read. It is a pitch-perfect romantic novel where all the characters are as real to me as I am myself'
Linda's Book Bag
'A compelling storyline, fascinating and authentic characters, and a realistic setting make this book a must read. A book that will engross you and will stay with you afterwards'
Sibzz Reads
'A dramatic and all-consuming story about relationships in all of their forms ... A stunning story'
Books Of All Kinds
'Kerrigan's writing hooks you and sweeps you along. Anyone with a fondness for romance novels will love this book'
Historical Novels Review
Kate Kerrigan
Kate Kerrigan
Kate Kerrigan is a New York Times bestselling author whose novels have been translated into fifteen languages. Kate worked as an editor and journalist, editing many of Britain's most successful young women's magazines before returning to her native Ireland in the 1990s to edit Irish Tatler. She has a weekly column in the Irish edition of the Daily Mail and contributes regularly to the RTÉ Radio programme Sunday Miscellany. @katekerrigan
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