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Head of Zeus
The Age of Magic
The Age of Magic by Ben Okri

From Booker Prize-Winner Ben Okri. A group of world-weary travellers discover the meaning of life in a mysterious mountain village.

Eight film-makers arrive at a small Swiss hotel on the shores of a luminous lake. Above them, strewn with lights that twinkle in the darkness, looms the towering Rigi mountain.

Over the course of three days and two nights, the travellers will find themselves drawn in to the mystery of the mountain reflected in the lake. One by one, they will be disturbed, enlightened, and transformed, each in a different way.

The Age of Magic has begun. Unveil your eyes.

Astonishing the Gods, In Arcadia, A Way of Being Free, Dangerous Love.

Head of Zeus * Fiction
09 Oct 2014 * 288pp * £4.99 * 9781784081461
'Okri is incapable of writing a boring sentence'
Independent on Sunday
'Part narrative, part philosophy, part allegory ... this novel offers the reader not just a story, but a series of intriguing and revelations on the mysterious and blurring of the lines between life and death, illusion and reality, and good and evil'
Daily Mail
'A dreamlike modern fairytale ... Strange and poetic'
The Times
'Like the best fairy tales it has lines of smoothly lyrical beauty. You have to applaud Okri for it. To get a novel that's not a novel, that so blithely eschews the structural conventions of the novel, from a Booker-winning novelist is fresh and revitalising'
Irish Times
'As you'd expect from Okri, the emphasis is very much on the magical, beautifully written'
Mail on Sunday
'Okri's tale of eight filmmakers at a lakeside hotel feels like a philosophical enquiry, in which the cast of characters operate as mouthpieces, there to speculate on the notion of Arcadia'
Sunday Herald
'A sort of philosophical meditation on the idea of paradise. Okri's otherworldly literary approach has produced masterpieces'
Independent on Sunday
Ben Okri
Ben Okri
Ben Okri was born in Minna, Nigeria. His childhood was divided between Nigeria, where he saw first-hand the consequences of war, and London. He has won many awards over the years, including the Booker Prize for Fiction, and is also an acclaimed essayist, playwright, and poet. In 2019 Astonishing the Gods was named as one of the BBC's '100 Novels That Shaped Our World'.
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