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Head of Zeus
The Salt Marsh
The Salt Marsh Clare Carson
 Sam Coyle Trilogy, 2

Sam Coyle's father lived in the shadows – an undercover agent among the spies and radicals of Cold War London.

That world claimed his life, and Sam is haunted by his absence. He left nothing behind but his enemies; nothing to his daughter but his tradecraft and paranoia.

Now, her boyfriend Luke is missing too – the one person she could trust, vanished into the fog on the Kentish coast. To find him, Sam must follow uncertain leads into a labyrinth of blind channels and shifting ground. She must navigate the treacherous expanse of the salt marsh...

What people are saying about THE SALT MARSH:

'One of my favourite books, I loved it'

'A fast moving and gripping thriller you can't put down'

'I would urge you to read it if you like your crime multi-faceted with more of a literary leaning. Highly recommend'

'I can assure you it's haunting, and also very well written and evocative with a great sense of tension'

Head of Zeus * Thrillers
16 Jun 2016 * 352pp * £4.49 * 9781784080976
'The writing, whether about people or places, is excellent'
Sunday Express
'I am increasingly impressed by the standard of novels being published by Head of Zeus. I have not read one I have disliked or thought lacking in expertise or originality. The Salt Marsh is another of this ilk ... well written and evocative with a great sense of tension and of place'
Frost Magazine
'Original and enthralling'
Bookshelf Butterfly
'I would urge you to read both Orkney Twilight and The Salt Marsh if you like your crime multi-faceted with a more literary leaning. Highly recommended'
Raven Crime Reads
'Really well written, with a unique storyline ... The locations were superb, and well-chosen to give added flavour and depth to this absorbing read'
'Authentic ... Excellent on paranoia and the atmosphere of the eerie salt-marshes'
Country Life
'Atmospheric and eerie ... the narrative is brisk, and the characters are well-rounded and believable'
The Tablet
'This beautifully written tale, with its unique storyline, strong characters and atmosphere of tension and intrigue, is a book to treasure'
Crime Review
Orkney Twilight
The Dark Isle
Clare Carson
Clare Carson
Clare Carson grew up in the suburbs of London. She studied anthropology at university, and lived for a while in villages in Tanzania and Zimbabwe doing ethnographic research. She has worked as an adviser on human rights and international development for nearly twenty years and has written three novels, all published by Head of Zeus. She lives by the sea in Sussex with her partner, two daughters and a couple of very large cats.
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