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Head of Zeus
1942: The Turning Point Michael Axworthy

As 1942 dawned, the Allies were embattled in every theatre of a global war. Along 1000 miles of the Eastern Front, Hitler's armies were poised to renew their assault on the USSR. In North Africa, Allied forces defending Egypt were threatened by the crack troops of Rommel's Afrika Korps. In East Asia, following their December 1941 attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Japan was making brutal territorial gains that would culminate in Britain's humiliating loss of Singapore in February 1942.

In 1942: The Turning Point, Michael Axworthy tells the story of the critical third full year of the Second World War, which saw the US embark on its counteroffensive; the defeat of Rommel's Africa Korps at Alamein; the bleeding to death of the German Sixth Army in the winter hell of Stalingrad; the acceleration of the Nazi 'Final Solution' in occupied Europe; developments in military technologies (from tanks to aircraft engines) that would fundamentally change the conduct of warfare in the future; and, crucially, the breaking of German communications codes that gave the Allies the edge in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Head of Zeus, an Apollo book * Military History
05 May 2022 * 416pp * £7.99 * 9781781856918

'[A] subtle, lucid, and well-proportioned history' Spectator, on Revolutionary Iran.

'[A] meticulously fair and scholarly work ... Moving and vivid' Observer, on Revolutionary Iran.

'More gripping than a novel'
 Prospect, on Iran: Empire of the Mind

Michael Axworthy

Michael Axworthy
Michael Axworthy is a distinguished academic and author with a lifelong fascination with the events of 1942. He has written for Prospect and the Independent and is the author of Revolutionary Iran: A History of the Islamic Republic (2013).