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Head of Zeus
The One Pot Cook (Fixed Format)
The One Pot Cook (Fixed Format) by Hattie Ellis

Forget expensive gadgets.
Forget fancy foams.
It's time to get back to home cooking and real food.

Cooking has become far too complicated. Award-winning food writer Hattie Ellis thinks it's time to rekindle our love for the simple One Pot meal: good food, great flavour, no fuss.

Whether you want quick, tasty suppers, or leisurely weekend feasts, The One Pot Cook has 150 mouthwatering recipes to suit all tastes. These include family favourites such as Cottage Pie and Hot Pot; treats from distant shores such as Beef Rendang and Gumbo; and puddings to make the meal complete such as Apple Charlotte and Toffee Banana Tarte Tatin.

So grab a pot, sharpen your knives and get ready to become a One Pot Cook.

This ebook edition of The One Pot Cook has been optimised for reading on tablets and includes a fully-linked index for ease of cross-referencing.

Head of Zeus * Cookery
30 Sep 2015 * 224pp * £4.49 * 9781781853108
'Perfect for anybody who feels slightly unsure about their skills in the kitchen ... Beautifully illustrated and cleverly curated, the 150 one pot recipes will become instant family favorites'
Great British Food Magazine
'Full of simple and unfussy recipes ... there really is something for everyone'
BBC Good Food
'Life is complicated enough without making a mountain out of a mealtime ... Hattie's solution is a time-honoured one, batch cooking dishes and concocting one-pots ... Now she has compiled the recipes into a book, The One Pot Cook'
Daily Telegraph
Contains far more than just: chuck it in, lid on, in the oven ... I really like how simple this book is ... I can see myself regularly picking this book up for some no fuss ideas in the future'
Caroline Taylor, All That I'm Eating
'This splendid book is likely to appeal to busy families like Hattie Ellis' own ... A well-laid-out collection of hearty recipes with added tips and suggestions'
The Sunday Express
'An utterly brilliant family cookbook. Delicious, easy, thrifty recipes that cook in one pot. If that sounds slightly dull, it really isn't – they are modern, intelligently thought out recipes from all over the globe. Make sure you read the little boxes and sidebars, which often tell you useful things about changing the recipe, padding it out, or what to use if you haven't got the exact ingredients. Fantastic book'
India Knight
'If any book were written for how we could and should cook this is it. Real food, no fads, easily cooked from scratch. The need to feed ourselves well each day can baffle even the enthusiastic cook. Ellis' book solves this problem'
The Field
'This style of cooking allows surprising latitude, with not only soups and stews, but puddings and exotic one-pot dishes too. There's also a useful bibliography'
Country Life
'This is a godsend to anyone who has to get dinner on the table for a family every night, and Ellis's recipes aim to help home cooks get out of a rut'
Sunday Times
Hattie Ellis
Hattie Ellis
Hattie Ellis is an award-winning food writer and has appeared on programmes such as Breakfast Time, Woman's Hour and The Food Programme. She was shortlisted for the Andre Simon foodwriting awards in 2014.
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