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Head of Zeus
Author Endorsements

‘My book had a beautifully designed cover in gold leaf, a silk bookmark, a high resolution map, and page break icons that actually refer to the book’s content. When I recovered the ability to speak I raved about it to Nic Cheetham, and he said, “Dana, if we can’t make beautiful books, why are we in this business at all?” No publisher had ever said anything remotely like that to me before – I told Nic that Head of Zeus had ruined all other publishers for me. “Well, that was our evil plan,” he admitted.’ 
Dana Stabenow 

‘In the years that I have been with Head of Zeus, they have shown a singular understanding of my target markets, and they have built up my worldwide readership again to impressive levels so that new life has been breathed into my career. They are very special publishers.’ 
Graham Masterton 

‘After my experience of being published by one of the big four, working with Head of Zeus has been a revelation. Every book on their list counts – and not just for the two weeks around publication. 12 months on, they are still at it, coming up with smart strategies to keep the book selling. Fleet of foot, imaginative and genuinely supportive of authors, HoZ are inspirational and a pleasure to work with.’ 
J.S. Monroe

‘Working with Head of Zeus has been a wonderful experience. The team knows the readers and supports writers every step along the way. They are without a doubt among the best SFF publishers in the world.’ 
Ken Liu 

‘HoZ published my book with a sense of love and care I wouldn’t have dared hope for, and I can’t imagine a better team to be working with.’ 
Kate Young 

‘A big thank you for believing in me and publishing my books so well.’ 
Eric Van Lustbader 

‘I would also like to say thank you to the entire Head of Zeus family who work as a highly focused and ambitious team... A young and innovative publishing house.’
Nadine Dorries 

‘My finished copy looks absolutely beautiful and quite jewel-like! I am thrilled to smithereens! A better job could not have been done by all of you, and I’m very proud of everyone who had anything to do with it! An enormous great THANK YOU to you all!!!’ Michael Fishwick