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Head of Zeus Teams Up With Pop-Up Submissions®The search for our next bestseller starts here
Odin's Game

Pop-Up Submissions® is a live YouTube show hosted by literary agent and No. 1 bestselling author Peter Cox. Each week, Peter is joined by two guests from the publishing business to review five manuscript submissions live, on-air. The team is aided by a lively (and often very funny) chat room, consisting of members of Litopia®, the net’s oldest community for writers, which Cox established more than two decades ago.

We are delighted to announce that each month’s winner from Pop-Ups will go directly to Head of Zeus for serious publishing consideration. Two Pop-Up alumni authors – Mark Knowles and Tim Hodkinson – have already won multi-book deals from Head of Zeus.

“The confidence gained from the generally positive feedback gave me the impetus to submit to my agent,” says Mark Knowles, author of the forthcoming Argo from Head of Zeus’s Aries imprint.

“It's further evidence – as if evidence was needed – of the great value Litopia adds to the industry, particularly for relative newcomers.”

“The feedback from Pop-Ups undoubtedly played a large part in me eventually getting a 5-book deal from Head of Zeus,” says Tim Hodkinson, author of The Serpent King, again from HoZ’s action and adventure imprint Aries.

Our CEO, Nicolas Cheetham, is a frequent guest on Pop-Ups. “It’s very exciting, it’s highly unpredictable, and it’s great fun,” he says. “I look forward to appearing on the show every few weeks – and I particularly look forward to discovering our next bestselling author here!”

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