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Head of Zeus
Three Years in Hell
05 Mar 2020 * EBOOK * £5.99 * 9781838935221

Three years in the troubled British Isles, leading up to the election of Boris Johnson.

Non Fiction / JPS (Politics, Economics and Society)
Extent: 400 pages
Exclusive sale: GB AU NZ IN ZA SG
Not for sale: CA US
Three Years in Hell: The Brexit ChroniclesFintan O'Toole

Three years in the troubled British Isles from the bestselling author of Heroic Failure.

In 2011 Queen Elizabeth made her first ever state visit to the Irish Republic. It was a great, moving occasion. 'In settling once and for all its relationship with Ireland,' Fintan O'Toole writes, 'Britain was also settling its relationship with the rest of the world taking its place as a normal, equal democracy.'

It was not to last.

Three Years in Hell is the fiercely intelligent, funny and sorrowful record of a slow-motion catastrophe. At its heart is the enigma of English nationalism. On the morning after the 2016 referendum O'Toole wrote:

'It is a question the English used to ask about their subject peoples: are they ready for self-government? But it is now one that has to be asked about the English themselves... England seems to be stumbling towards a national independence it has scarcely even discussed, let alone prepared for. It is on the brink of one of history's strangest nationalist revolutions.'

The story culminates in the election of Boris Johnson, running against a weak, accidental Labour leader who promised to remain 'neutral' on the most important question of our time.

Fintan O'Toole is a historian, biographer, literary critic and political commentator. His work has won many awards, and he writes for the Irish Times, Guardian and New York Review of Books. His books include A Traitor's Kiss, his life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Judging Shaw and White Savage. His investigative, polemical books have all been bestsellers: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch, Ship of Fools and Enough is Enough. He is writing the authorised biography of Seamus Heaney and, for Head of Zeus, a history of Ireland in his own time.

HEROIC FAILURE was critically acclaimed and has sold more than 50,000 copies.

Britain and Ireland stand on the brink of a chaotic exit from Europe, and this book chronicles the ridiculous and often worrying steps along the way.

Passionate, urgent, vital writing about a subject that normally reduces people to tears of boredom.

MARKET: Heroic Failure; Suzanne Moore; George Packer; Tim Shipman; Michael Lewis; Craig Brown.

'A funny – at times scathing – look at events since the referendum and how they have affected Britain and Ireland', Financial Times

'Fintan O'Toole's important account of three turbulent Brexit years is of both historical significance and contemporary relevance ... It will both inform and entertain', Irish Times

'O'Toole is a pitiless and humourful analyst, and Three Years in Hell is packed with uncommon insights', Herald

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