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Head of Zeus
10 Dec 2020 * HARDBACK * £18.99 * 9781838930806

Based on China's most famous online crime serial, a killer crowd-sources his victims, playing a deadly but ingenious game of cat-and-mouse with the police.

Fiction / FF (Crime Fiction)
Extent: 464 pages  Format: 228 x 145 mm
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
FateDeath Notice, 2by Zhou Haohui, translated by Zac Haluza

The second book in China's bestselling crime series to date.


Last week, the vigilante killer who terrified and thrilled the city of Chengdu with his 'death notices' performed his own execution to escape capture by the police.


But when two students are violently murdered, the only clue left by the killer is a death notice. The executioner? Eumenides. Now Captain Pei Tao and his task force face a terrifying prospect: that Eumenides left a protégé to carry on his work.


Once again, Eumenides is one step ahead of their investigation – but this time, it's worse. Because this time, someone on the inside is helping him. Can Pei and his team root out the mole, and hunt down their new opponent? Or are they doomed to watch history repeat itself?

Gripping, explosive and fiendishly inventive, Fate is the second instalment in the Death Notice trilogy: the Chinese crime-writing phenomenon and a Sunday Times thriller of the year.

Reviews for Death Notice:

'Fiendishly inventive' Wall Street Journal

'Extraordinary' Sunday Times

'A perfect cat-and-mouse killer' Book Riot

Zhou Haohui was born in 1977 and lives in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. His Death Notice trilogy is China's bestselling crime series. An online TV drama based on the novels has received more than 2.4 billion views, making it one of China's most popular online shows ever.

The online serial received 1.9 billion views.

His book has sold over 500,000 copies.

The first in the series was selected by the Sunday Times as a crime book of the year and one of the 100 best crime & thriller books since 1945.

MARKET: Stieg Larsson; Hideo Yokoyama; Pierre Lemaitre.

'A creepy, inventive tale about a Chinese serial killer who crowdsources his victims' Independent

'Haohui continues to wow with his sweeping yet detail-oriented take on the procedural, sure to please fans of Scandi noir and Italian neorealist detective fiction' Crime Reads

'Serial killers turn up all the time in crime fiction, but few are as patient or as devious as the murderer in Haohui's Death Notice. Extraordinary' Sunday Times.
'A compulsive and particularly ingenious read and a first-class mystery' Crime Time.
'Fiendishly inventive' Wall Street Journal.
'A perfect cat-and-mouse killer'
Book Riot

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