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15 Sep 2022 * EBOOK * £4.99 * 9781801102209

The new horror novel from author of The Watchers, A.M. Shine, set in a remote Irish village. The Creeper is the nameless fear in the night. Stories keep him alive. And nothing will keep him away...

Fiction / FK (Horror)
Extent: 240 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
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The Creeperby A.M. Shine

Superstitions only survive if people believe in them...

Renowned academic Dr Sparling seeks help with his project on a remote Irish village. Historical researchers Ben and Chloe are thrilled to be chosen – until they arrive...

The village is isolated and forgotten. There is no record of its history, its stories. There is no friendliness from the locals, only wary looks and whispers. The villagers lock down their homes at sundown. A nameless fear stalks the streets...

Nobody will talk – nobody except one little girl. Her story strikes dread into the hearts of the newcomers. Three times you see him. Each night he comes closer...

That night, Ben and Chloe see a sinister figure watching them. He is the Creeper. He is the nameless fear in the night. Stories keep him alive. And nothing will keep him away...

The Creeper is a masterful tale of horror and suspense, by one of Ireland's most talented emerging authors.

A.M. Shine writes in the Gothic horror tradition. Born in Galway, Ireland, he received his Master's Degree in History there before sharpening his quill and pursuing all things literary and macabre. His stories have won the Word Hut and Bookers Corner prizes and he is a member of the Irish Writers Centre. His debut novel, The Watchers, has been critically acclaimed. The Creeper is his second full-length novel. @AMShineWriter

New horror novel from emerging Irish author.

First novel has sold over 5000 copies in print.

MARKET: Francine Toon; Andrew Michael Hurley; Darcy Coates; T. Kingfisher.

'A dark, claustrophobic read' T. Kingfisher, on The Watchers

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