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Head of Zeus
Disappearance of a Scribe
18 Jan 2022 * HARDBACK * £18.99 * 9781800249776

As Cleopatra rebuilds Alexandria, her new Eye of Isis must solve a case that will lead to secrets, conspiracy and danger far beyond her ken.

Fiction / FFH (Crime Fiction)
Extent: 336 pages  Format: 229 x 148 mm
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
Death of an Eye
Also in Eye of Isis series
Disappearance of a ScribeEye of Isis, 2by Dana Stabenow

'Stabenow brings Alexandria's Hellenistic period to life... She is now as much at home in ancient Egypt as she is in the Alaskan wilderness' Publishers Weekly

The second in the trilogy of Ancient Egyptian crime novels that began with 2018's Death of an Eye.

Cleopatra – seventh of her name, avatar of the goddess Isis, ruler of the Kingdom of Egypt – watches over her city. The war is over, but Alexandria, that once great beacon of learning and commerce, has suffered in its wake. Caesar has returned to Rome, and the queen must restore her city and her kingdom to their former greatness.

But now a body has been found floating upright at the bottom of the sea, anchored in place by a cement weight around its feet. It's the second corpse to be found this way in two years, and the queen is concerned.

With a city to rebuild and a kingdom to keep in line, Cleopatra cannot allow any more murders to interfere. So she sets Tetisheri – her Eye, her closest confidant and personal investigator – to make things right. As she delves deeper into the mystery, Tetisheri will discover secrets, conspiracy and danger far beyond her ken...

'Stabenow is blessed with a rich prose style and a fine eye for detail. Outstanding' Washington Post

'A first-rate talent... Offering fine writing and keen humour' Booklist

'Gripping and adrenaline-charged... Surprising twists all delivered with Stabenow's razor-sharp suspense and gritty prose' Publishers Weekly

Dana Stabenow was born in Anchorage, Alaska and raised on a 75-foot fishing tender. She knew there was a warmer, drier job out there somewhere and found it in writing. Her first Kate Shugak book, A Cold Day for Murder, received an Edgar Award from the Crime Writers of America. Find her online at

Edgar award-winning, NYT-bestselling author.

A unique and rich historical setting of Ancient Egypt.

MARKET: Diana Gabaldon; Kate Mosse; Wilbur Smith.

'The first adventure for Tetisheri neatly sets the scene for what promises to be an entertaining series' BBC History.
'One of the strongest voices in crime fiction' Seattle Times.
'Stabenow is blessed with a rich prose style and a fine eye for detail. Outstanding' Washington Post.
'Crime fiction doesn't get much better than this' Booklist.
'For rich, idiosyncratic settings and engaging characters [...] let me recommend Dana Stabenow'
Diana Gabaldon

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