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Head of Zeus
The Iron Way
04 Aug 2022 * EBOOK * £7.99 * 9781800242968

Cast to the edge of the Empire, the Sarmatian army must fight in defence of Rome in the second of a new trilogy set in the second century AD.

Fiction / FJH (Action & Adventure)
Extent: 320 pages
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A Winter War
The Hollow Throne
Also in The Sarmatian Trilogy series
The Iron WayThe Sarmatian Trilogy, 2by Tim Leach

A gripping historical adventure set in the second century AD and based on legends of King Arthur, The Iron Way is the second in Tim Leach's breathtaking Sarmatian Trilogy.

AD 175, Vindolanda, Britannia.

After their cavalry was broken by the legions on the frozen waters of the Danube, Sarmatian warrior Kai bought his peoples' lives with a pledge to serve Rome. Bound to the will of the Emperor, the Sarmatians are ready to fight and eager to die – death in battle is the only escape from the dishonour of their defeat.

Exiled from their home lands, they are ordered to take the Iron Way to the far north and the very edge of the Empire. Here, a great wall of stone cuts across the land as straight as the stroke of a sword. On one side, Rome's dominion; on the other, mist and rumours – stories of men closer to giants, of warriors who fight without fear or restraint.

For a people who knew no borders, who were promised war, garrison duty is cruel punishment. But as insurrection stirs on both sides of the wall, Kai will discover that every barrier has its weaknesses – and he will have his chance to fight, perhaps to die.

Reviewers on the Sarmatian Trilogy and Tim Leach:

'Roman military adventure at its best. Ranks with the best historical fiction available today.' Simon Turney
'A great story from a fascinating period... masterfully written with beautiful language.' Historical Novel Society
'The characters feel rounded and real, and the Sarmatians' attempts to keep their world alive and evade the tyrannous reach of Rome are heartbreaking.' The Times
'Tim Leach writes beautifully.' For Winter Nights
'Recommended.' Historical Novel Society
'Magnificent' Historia
'A poetic, absorbing narrative.' Sunday Times

Tim Leach is a graduate of the Warwick Writing Programme, where he now teaches as an Assistant Professor. His first novel, The Last King of Lydia, was shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize. Follow Tim on @TimLeachWriter

Smile of the Wolf was selected by The Times and Sunday Times as a historical novel of the year.

Leach's first novel, The Last King of Lydia, was shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize.

MARKET: The North Water, Shield of Achilles, Hannah Kent - Burial Rites.

'Roman military adventure at its best. Leach's resurrection of a lost and misunderstood people serving Rome at the edge of the world ranks with the best historical fiction available today' Simon Turney

'This masterpiece is a tale of a conquered people and their tentative truce with invading imperialists, affording each other a portion of mutual respect, yet tinged with distrust. A great story from a fascinating period, superbly written... It is masterfully written with beautiful language, and yet it still has a Roman province sense of place and an antique feel. It must have been quite a feat digging out such historical verisimilitude' Historical Novel Society

'Excellent trilogy... This is stirring and vivid writing from Leach' The Times

'Brilliantly atmospheric, utterly compelling and beautifully written' Caroline Lea, on A Winter War.
'Tim Leach writes beautifully. This is gorgeous prose, immersing the reader in the trials of this cold, cold place at such a time of brutal crisis. It's lyrical and thoughtful'
For Winter Nights

'Superb... This is a thoughtful, literary take on a world that is more often depicted in a boy's adventure way. The focus in Leach's book is not on the fighting, but on the strange, inescapable logic that makes the fighting inevitable' The Times, Book of the Year.
'A poetic, absorbing narrative with many of the same qualities as the medieval Icelandic sagas that it echoes and reimagines' Sunday Times, Book of the Year.
'Smile of the Wolf bares its fangs from the first page. Like a medieval tapestry, the storytelling is rich with imagery. Readers will be lured spellbound into this lyrical and evocative Icelandic saga. It deserves huge success'
David Gilman

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