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04 Aug 2022 * EBOOK * £10.99 * 9781800240278

A survey of the many roles played by women across the world from 1850-1960, using colourised photos and captions to tell to their story.

Non Fiction / HBLL (Modern History)
Extent: 432 pages  Illus: 200 integrated colour photos
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
The Colour of Time: A New History of the World, 1850-1960
The World Aflame
Also by Dan Jones, Marina Amaral
Women's Work: Scientists, soldiers, artists, explorers, queens and rebels, 1850–1960Dan Jones, Marina Amaral

The third volume in Marina Amaral and Dan Jones's bestselling Histories in Colour series.

Women's Work explores the many roles – domestic, social, cultural and professional – played by women across the world from 1850–1960, before second-wave feminism took hold. Using Marina's colourized images and Dan Jones's words, this survey shines a light on the varied pursuits of women both celebrated and ordinary, whether in the home or the science lab, protesting on the streets or performing on stage, fighting in the trenches or exploring the wild.

Each chapter is introduced by a woman who works in that field, offering insights into their job and experiences. The book includes photographs of Queen Victoria, Edith Cavell, Josephine Baker, Mildred Burke, Eva Peron, Eleanor Roosevelt, Virginia Woolf, Clara Schumann, Martha Gellhorn, Simone de Beauvoir, Agatha Christie, Frida Kahlo, Emmeline Pankhurst, Harriet Tubman, Florence Nightingale, Hattie McDaniel and Gertrude Bell; as well as revolutionaries from China to Cuba, Geishas in Japan, protestors on the Salt March, teachers and pilots, nurses and soldiers.

This vivid and unique history brings to life and full colour the female experience in a century of extraordinary change.

Reviews for The Colour of Time:

'[The Colour of Time] does something simple yet extraordinary. It takes black-and-white photos of historic events and colours them in. The effect is transformative' Telegraph

'Purists argue that colourising black and white photographs is sacrilege, but the world has always been in colour. Truth be told, monochrome is a contrivance. Human experience is always colourful' The Times

'A splash of colour is all it took to bring these historic black and white photos back to vivid, breathtaking life ... Astonishing' The Sun

'Both revelatory and familiar. Amaral's skills bring 19th- and early 20th-century photographic images to wholly unexpected and vivid life ... Jones offers perceptive commentary, contextualising the events and people depicted with concise skill, meaning that this fine book is hugely readable' Observer

Dan Jones is a historian, broadcaster and award-winning journalist. His books, including The Plantagenets, Magna Carta, The Templars, Crusaders and The Colour of Time (with Marina Amaral), have sold more than one million copies worldwide. He has written and hosted dozens of TV shows including the acclaimed Netflix/Channel 5 series, Secrets of Great British Castles. His writing has appeared in newspapers and magazines including the Evening Standard, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian, GQ and Spectator.
Marina Amaral is a talented digital colourist who specializes in adding colour to black and white photographs. Marina is self-taught and her process involves careful historical research. Her work has featured on the BBC and in the Evening Standard, Washington Post and Le Figaro and she has collaborated with the History Channel, PBS, English Heritage and the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum among others. In 2021, Marina was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List.

The Colour of Time, by the same authors, was a top 5 Sunday Times bestseller.

Dan Jones is a bestselling historian, and Marina a world-renowned artist who was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

A new and unique way of looking at the experience of women in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

MARKET: The Colour of Time; Century; Modern Women; Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls; Women and Power; So Here Am I.

'I have long considered colourisation sacrilege ... after reading this book, I've changed my mind' The Times, on The Colour of Time.
'Amaral's colourisation process is most moving when applied to pictures of children. To see it more as the photographer saw it, and the way it actually was. The photographer might not have had the choice, or the technology, to take a picture in colour. But looking through the viewfinder, that's what they saw; the past – even its grimmest, darkest hours – was not in black and white' Guardian, on The World Aflame.
'There is something of The Wizard of Oz about Marina Amaral's photographs. She whisks us from black-and-white Kansas to shimmering Technicolor Oz ... When you see Amaral's coloured portraits, you think: phwoar! ... She changes the way we see a period or a person' Spectator, on The Colour of Time.
'[Amaral] breathes new life, immediacy and human connection into black-and-white pictures. Even familiar shots are transformed in a breathtaking way'
Irish News, on The Colour of Time

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