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Head of Zeus
Do Her No Harm
20 Aug 2020 * EBOOK * £2.99 * 9781789543773

One unsolved murder. A best friend determined to right the wrongs of the past. A thriller about the truth behind a seemingly perfect relationship.

Fiction / FH (Thrillers)
Extent: 288 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
The Liars
The Truth
Also by Naomi Joy
Do Her No Harm: a page turning and gripping psychological thrillerby Naomi Joy

One unsolved murder. A best friend determined to right the wrongs of the past.

On the 21st August Tabitha Rice disappeared without a trace. All the signs point to murder, but no signs point to a murderer. The easiest answer is her husband, Rick. But he protests his innocence and there is little proof he is the murderer.

Annabella knows there is more to the story than what the police are telling. Tabitha was her best friend and she vows to uncover the truth.

As Annabella delves further into the past, she uncovers sides to Tabitha that she never saw coming, and she finds herself asking the question... Was this murder? Or is there more to Tabitha Rice's story than meets the eye?

Perfect for fans of Louise Candlish, The Silent Patient and Blood Orange.

Naomi Joy is a pen name of a young PR professional who was formerly an account director at a prestigious PR firm in London. Writing from experience, she draws the reader in to the darker side of the uptown and glamorous, presenting realism that is life or death, unreliable and thrilling to page-turn.

The author is well-known PR professional, drawing on a true story for inspiration.

Perfect for the current thriller market, Louise Candlish meets The SIlent Patient.

MARKET: Samantha Downing; Louise Jensen; Liane Moriarty.

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