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Head of Zeus
The Freedom Artist
Extent: minutes
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A Way of Being Free
Prayer for the Living
Astonishing the Gods
Mental Fight
Dangerous Love
In Arcadia
A Fire in My Head
The Age of Magic
The Last Gift of the Master Artists
A Time for New Dreams
The Comic Destiny
Also by Ben Okri
Ben Okri was born in Minna, Nigeria. His childhood was divided between Nigeria, where he saw first-hand the consequences of war, and London. He has won many awards over the years, including the Booker Prize for Fiction, and is also an acclaimed essayist, playwright, and poet. In 2019 Astonishing the Gods was named as one of the BBC's '100 Novels That Shaped Our World'.

Major marketing campaign centred around Who is the Prisoner motif.

Perfect for Ben Okri's diehard fans, plus new readers attracted by the political message and author's profile post-Grenfell.

Part of a new wave of timely, politically charged writing, along with writers such as Ali Smith and Olivia Lang.

MARKET: 1984 by George Orwell; Rise Like Lions: Poetry for the Many compiled by Ben Okri; The Sellout by Paul Beatty; V for Vendetta by Alan Moore; Rupi Kaur; Exit West by Mohsin Hamid.

'Ben Okri's most significant novel since his Man Booker Prize-winning masterpiece The Famished Road, The Freedom Artist weaves together ancient myth and modern politics for an impassioned story primed for the post-truth age. A story of love and loss, fiercely told and impossible to ignore' Waterstones, 'The Best Books to Look Out For in 2019'. 'A multi-layered allegorical narrative that cuts to the heart of our current political and cultural malaise, while maintaining a mythical, mesmeric flavour that makes the reader feel these are stories they have always known ... It's savagely political, disturbing and fiercely optimistic, the deeply felt work of a writer who refuses to stop asking the hardest questions' Observer.

'Okri creates a chilling atmosphere ... Okri's rhythmic, folk tale-like prose is beguiling' Sunday Times. 'These ideas are virtuosically juggled in a series of short enigmatic chapters ... The story does not so much unfold as become manifest ... The Freedom Artist has a compelling power and energy that won't let the reader go. Or fall by the wayside' Herald.

'A heady jumble of influence and inspiration, a tapestry of biblical reference, mythology, folklore and fable. The lyrical simplicity of Okri's prose, with its short sentences and chapters, only heightens the power of the novel's political message' Financial Times. 'In a world not unlike our own, a young woman called Amalantis is arrested. Her lover goes looking for her. An examination of post-truth society and justice from the Booker-winning author of The Famished Road' The Times, 'Biggest Novels of 2019'.

'The new novel from the Booker winner is set in a world of oppression and imprisonment – one rather like our own' Guardian, 'What You'll Be Reading This Year'. 2019 Irish Times 'Most Exciting and Intriguing International Fiction'.

'Fiction's master enchanter stares down a real horror, and without blinking or flinching, produces a work of beauty, grace and uncommon power' Marlon James. 'Okri's trademark magical literary thinking is not broke and he is not about to fix it ... The Freedom Artist is an adventure story and an intense trip through the most esoteric corners of the human mind. It's also a beautiful and timely appeal for the importance of books, subversive stories and love' The Times.

'A novel for our times ... Okri takes us into a world where the very concept of truth is barely conceivable ... This is uncomfortably close to the bone' Scotsman. 'Satirical and carnivalesque elements entertain ... Okri's treatment of mass hysteria is inventive' Guardian.

'The Booker winner's best for some time, set in a near-future world of oppressive official spying ... Often haunting and beguiling' Sunday Times, Best Literary Novels of 2019. 'One gets the sense that [Ben Okri] is trying to impart an essential, urgent truth about the state of the world today, but - as he warned at the beginning - it is shrouded in mystery ... What comes across strongly is the power of words - and by extension, the wordsmith - to wake people from their sleep and look at the world through fresh eyes' Straits Times.

'A return to form for its Man Booker-winning author, this is a timely tale of shady government forces, post-truth discourse and the slow erosion of justice' World of Cruising. 'Ardent fans of Okri's fiction and poetry will rejoice in knowing that the master's descriptive capacities and unmatched ability to conjure uncommon worlds are as vital as ever' Nigerian Guardian.

'When the characters in The Freedom Artist ["upwake"], a cerebral novel turns into one with heart and soul' The National (UAE). 'Okri suffuses his parable in the sonorously repetitious language of myth, mysticism and fairytale' Guardian.